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Custom New Era Fitted Hats

Stylish and classic, New Era is synonymous with quality headwear. Known for their signature baseball caps, New Era has expanded to offer an array of styles for every occasion. With custom New Era hats, your brand can be front and center, making a statement wherever your employees or clients go. Whether for a sports team or corporate event, custom New Era hats are the perfect way to add some personality to your brand. With DTLA Print's expertise in customization, you'll have the perfect hat to top off your look.

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The greatest headgear in the world is created by New Era, an international lifestyle brand with a genuine sporting legacy dating back over 92 years. New Era has asserted its position as a world leader in sports headwear and accessories. It is best recognized for serving as the official on-field cap for Major League Baseball and the National Football League. Over the years, streetwear brands have incorporated New Era fitted hats into their collections, which has helped solidify New Era's place in the fashion industry. Companies such as Supreme and Stüssy continue to release seasonal fitted hat collections.

New Era 59Fifty Fitted Hats

The New Era 59Fifty fitted hat is one of the first truly fitted baseball caps ever made. It is New Era's flagship hat style and has been circulating since the 1950s. It is also known as the "Brooklyn style" hat. In 1993 New Era received an exclusive contract with the MLB to make all on-field caps for the professional baseball teams. The New Era 59Fifty fitted hat features a flat visor and high crown. The front of the hat is reinforced to stand straight and stiff. The top of the peak is relatively flat. These hats are not adjustable and need to be ordered by size. New Era 59Fifty hats have a trademark gold sizing sticker on the top of the visor. That sticker is now part of the authenticity check of the cap. Most people keep the sticker on as a fashion statement.

New Era 59Fifty fitted hats are best known for their use in professional sports. For example, it is the official on-field baseball hat of the MLB. It is also the official sideline hat for the NFL. And in 2017, New Era signed a contract for exclusive rights to be the sole producer of on-court NBA hats. This deal made New Era the first headwear company to own rights for MLB, NFL, and NBA headwear simultaneously.

New Era 59Fifty hats are also popular in the fashion scene. In the 1980s and 1990s, New Era 59Fifty fitted hats became an influential accessory in streetwear fashion. Actors and hip-hop artists repped the iconic style. New Era's 59Fifty fitted hat's place in fashion helped solidify this hat as one of the top options in fitted caps in the United States. To celebrate, New Era deemed May 9 as 59Fifty day.

59Fifty Fitted Hat - Designed For Performance

New Era designed the 59Fifty fitted hat for top performance. All of the textiles used are both comfortable and functional. The top features of a custom 59Fifty fitted hat are:

  • 50+ UPF protection on the visor

  • Moisture-wicking fabric pulls sweat away from your head.

  • Lightweight fabric and construction

  • Breathable design with vented holes and premium ventilated materials

  • Performance sweatband keeps sweat out of your eyes without staining the hat

  • Diamond textured fabric is breathable and lightweight.

Custom New Era 59Fifty Fitted Hats

Custom 59Fifty fitted hats make the perfect gift and trade show giveaway. The tall, stiff front of the hat is ideal for adding embroidery. Add your brand's logo in any of the thousands of thread colors DTLA Print offers. In addition, the enclosed back of the cap provides more space to advertise your brand by embroidering a slogan or logo. Custom New Era fitted hats will last longer and are a unique spin on swag products. Your company is guaranteed to stand out from the competition when consumers see your logo on America's number one hat brand. 

59Fifty Low Profile Fitted Hats

New Era came out with a second style of the 59Fifty hat. It features a lower profile that slopes down slightly at the crown. Also, the visor of this hat has a slight curve as opposed to the flat design of the original 59Fifty fitted hat. While this hat is still fitted, it is slightly bigger than the original, so New Era recommends that customers go one size down from the size they wear in the traditional 59Fifty fitted hat. The low profile 59Fifty fitted hat is a good choice if you prefer a lower profile hat or have a larger head.

New Era Snapback 9Fifty Cap

The Snapback 9Fifty, New Era hat is a retro style that became popular in the 1980s. It has a squared-off visor and tapered back opening. The back has an adjustable strap that varies in design. Some 9Fifty snapback hats have a traditional plastic snap closure, while others have a fabric closure that adjusts through a metal clasp.

New Era Black 9Fifty Snapback Traditional Hat

9Fifty Snapback Traditional Hat

The overall aesthetic of the New Era 9Fifty cap is very similar to the 59Fifty fitted hat. It has a high profile and flat crown. The brim of this hat is not curved. There are fewer size options in the snapback style because it is adjustable. The 9Fifty cap is available in small/medium, medium/large, and one size. However, the one size is noted to fit most head shapes and is the most popular size snapback that New Era sells.

New Era Snapbacks - Custom Options for Your Company

The 9Fifty snapback hat from New Era is ideal for customization. The front of the hat offers plenty of space to embroider your logo. Also, the adjustability of the 9Fifty cap ensures it will fit most people. The breathable back ventilates the scalp, making a custom New Era snapback a top choice for an everyday hat. 

Trademarks of New Era Hats

New Era hats are known for their durable and long-lasting construction. They follow a strict, 22-step, handcrafted construction method. 

  1. Inside Lining Tape. All New Era hats have inside lining tape that depicts their logo in crisp, easy-to-read white lettering. This tape intersects at the inside crown of the hat. All authentic New Era hats come with branded inside lining tape.

Inner Lining Tape of 9Fifty New Era Hat

Inner Lining Tape of 9Fifty New Era Hat

  1. Stitched In Tags. New Era extends the quality of construction in all aspects of their hats. All of the tags are stitched into the hat. This process is done for the logo tag, care instructions tag, and the team league a hat is associated with if it is one of the sports caps. Certain styles also have a stitched-in size tag.

  2. Sizing Sticker. New Era's hats are known for their iconic size stickers. Depending on the model of hat that you purchase the sticker varies in color. Each style has a different sticker, but the sticker is always located on top of the visor or under the brim. It is trendy to leave the sticker on the hat. The most well-known size sticker is the metallic gold one that comes on the 59Fifty fitted caps.

  3. Team League Stickers. New Era holds contracts with the MLB, NFL, and NBA to make sports caps for both the players and their fans. Team league New Era hats come with a silver holographic sticker. The sticker is either on the brim's top or the visor's bottom. Most users choose to leave the sticker on to show the hat's authenticity. The holographic silver sticker includes an image and professional team league logo.

  4. New Era Embroidered Logo. All New Era caps have the "NE" logo embroidered on the left side of the lid. The only exception is on the MLB field hats. Those do not have the embroidered New Era logo. However, all other models of New Era hats come with "NE" stitched onto the exterior left side of the hat.

  5. Fully Customizable. New Era custom hats are popular choices for brands to use at trade shows. They also make excellent additions to your staff's uniforms. There are several color options in New Era hats. You can even get contrasting brims. All New Era fitted hats come with plenty of space on the front to add an embroidered logo or company mascot.

The History of New Era

New Era was founded in 1920 by Ehrhardt Koch in Buffalo, New York. New Era broke into the pro sporting headwear scene in 1934 when they were contracted to make hats for the Cleveland Indians baseball team. Over the years, New Era began making headwear for more professional sporting teams.

In the 1950s, their original version of the fitted cap was revamped and officially named the 59Fifty. Nearly 40 years later, New Era was solidified as the top headwear manufacturer for professional sports teams when they signed an exclusive licensing agreement with MLB in 1993. This contract Hired New Era to make all on-field caps for MLB teams. New Era sold these on-field caps to fans as well.

Eventually, New Era broke into other professional sporting arenas, and in 2012 they signed a contract with the NFL to be the official manufacturer of their sideline hats. These 59Fifty NFL license hats became very popular with fans. In 2017 New Era became the first headwear company to own rights for hat production for all three of the top professional sporting leagues in the United States. In addition, they signed exclusive privileges with the NBA to create all their on-court hats. The association with the top professional sporting leagues is what helped solidify the 59Fifty hat as a staple cap in America.

59Fifty Fitted Hat Vs. 9Fifty Snapback

The New Era's 59Fifty fitted hat is undoubtedly their most popular style of cap sold. However, a close runner-up is the 9Fifty Snapback.

Similarities Between the 59Fifty and the 9Fifty

These two hats have very similar aesthetics. Both of them have a reinforced tall front panel. The crowns of these hats are flat. They are both available in high profiles. Both designs also have flat brims.

Differences Between the 59Fifty and the 9Fifty

The most significant difference between the 59Fifty and the 9Fifty hats from New Era is that the fitted cap has a custom fit. It is not adjustable and must be ordered in the correct size. Sizing is available in the 59Fifty fitted hats are 6 7/8 to 8 1/4. The 59Fifty fitted hat has been in production for longer and has a much more authentic look. It also has the iconic gold size sticker on the top of the brim. Finally, the 59Fifty cap is available in kid sizes, whereas the 9Fifty Snapback is not.

The 9Fifty's Snapback is different primarily because of its adjustability. It also has a metallic size sticker, but the snapback model comes with a silver sticker instead of a gold one. There are a few more options with the designs and colors for the 9Fifty Snapback. This hat is not considered one of the traditional designs from New Era, and because it is less iconic than the 59Fifty, there are more variations available in the 9Fifty hats. The Snapback comes in three different sizes but is usually sold in the one-size option.

New Era 39Thirty Stretch Fit Adjustable Hat

This hat from New Era features a low profile and low crown. That is a much different look than their flagship 59Fifty fitted hat. The 39Thirty hat has a closed back. It's stretchy and will fit various-sized heads. Additionally, it comes with a pre-curved visor. There is an elastic spandex Sweatband on the inner part of the hat that is flexible enough to fit most head shapes. However, like with all other New Era products, the elastic used is top quality and won't stretch out or break down. The 39Thirty stretch-fit hat is available in three sizes. 

New Era Black 39Fifty Flex Hat Heathered Gray

Shadow Heather Striped Flat Bill Snapback Cap

New Era Beanies

New Era makes knit hats in a variety of styles. They offer:

  • Skull fit that slides snuggly over your head.

  • Fold-over knit hat that resembles a traditional style beanie hat with a thick fold-up cuff.

  • Pom Pom beanie has the same fold-over style as a traditional beanie but has a pompom on the crown.

New Era beanies are made from top-of-the-line knits. Most of their beanies are made from polyester fleece and acrylic. Custom New Era beanies make a tremendous cold-weather gift. Add your logo to the front of the beanie or on the fold-up cuff. New Era beanies are available in many different colors and knit fabric patterns.

What We Like About New Era

For several reasons, New Era is the premium headwear manufacturer for hats. 

  1. High-Quality Materials. New Era uses top-of-the-line textiles to ensure their hats will last a long time. Moisture-wicking and UV-protective textiles keep wearers safe in the sun. Inner sweatbands prevent staining.

  2. Durable Construction. The front panels of New Era fitted hats are double-layered to maintain shape. All of the stitching is reinforced. New Era hats are guaranteed to withstand daily wear for years. 

  3. Fully Customizable. It is super easy to customize a New Era hat. Add an embroidered logo to the hat's front, back, side, or brim. New Era hats are also available in a variety of custom color combinations. You can get the visor in colors that complement the logo you embroider on the front.

  4. Licensed Team League Options. New Era is the only headwear company with officially licensed NFL, NBA, and MLB contracts. You can find everyone's favorite team on a New Era fitted cap. Add custom embroidery to licensed hats to personalize your fan gear. 

  5. Designed for Performance. Rooted in sports headwear, New Era takes pride in constructing its hats with top-performing materials. New Era's 59Fifty caps include moisture-wicking fabric that keeps the sweat off your head and out of your eyes. The material also offers UV protection.

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Embroidering on New Era; Pros & Cons

Are you considering embroidering a logo or slogan on a New Era hat? Embroidery is a long-lasting, premium choice for custom apparel. 

New Era Black 9Fifty Snapback Traditional Hat

Pros of Embroidering New Era Hats

There are several benefits to embroidering custom New Era Hats.

  • Personalization - Add an employee's name to the side or back of the hat. Other options include embroidering divisions, departments, or locations. This is a thoughtful touch that shows appreciation for your team.

  • Advertising - Embroidering your logo on the front of any New Era hat is sure to turn heads. New Era hats are iconic. Everyone is sure to notice your brand's premium choice for headwear. Custom New Era hats show your appreciation of quality.

  • Fashionable - Since the 1980's New Era hats have been a pillar of streetwear fashion. Not only are these hats extremely functional, but they are also trendy. Custom New Era fitted hats will be worn all the time. Handing out New Era hats custom with your logo at tradeshows will show customers that your company is modern.

  • Long Lasting - Embroidery is the longest-lasting method of customization for hats. New Era hats are very durable, and you want whatever you add to the cap to last just as long. Selecting our custom embroidery services is an excellent choice when considering New Era custom hats.

Cons of Embroidering New Era Hats

Custom embroidering licensed New Era hats will bring down their value. Due to their popularity and longevity on the market, New Era's sports team hats from MLB, NBA, and NFL teams are collector items. Customizing one of these New Era hats with a company name or logo will demonetize the hat. However, if you plan on wearing your New Era fitted cap daily, you probably aren't worried about a resale value and should absolutely have it custom embroidered!

Embroidered cannot be added to brims of hats that are pre-structured. Most of the New Era hats come with structured visors. Unfortunately, that means several models cannot be embroidered in this area. Luckily, there are plenty of other places to add embroidery, like the hat's front, side, and back!

New Era Custom Accessories

Complete your look with custom bags from New Era. Some of their top-selling styles include the Game Day Cinch back and the Legacy Duffel bag.

New Era Game Day Cinch Bag

Perfect for people on the go, the Game Day Cinch Bag from New Era is lightweight and flexible. Its reinforced polyester material protects your belongings. This bag is comfortable to carry and features heavy-duty drawcords that are easy to wear on your shoulders. The main compartment is large enough to hold everyday essentials like extra clothing, water bottles, and snacks. 

New Era Black Game Day Cinch Bag

Game Day Cinch Bag

Custom New Era cinch bags make great swag and trade show giveaways. Add your company or team logo to the front of this backpack. The polyester material offers a variety of customization options, including embroidery and screen printing.

New Era Legacy Duffel Bag

There is room for everything in the New Era Legacy Duffel Bag. This bag is a favorite because of its versatile storage options and premium construction.

  • The padded bottom keeps the bag upright.

  • Reinforced, fully lined main compartment keeps items safe and secure

  • Easy-open two-way zipper

  • Padded handles with a detachable shoulder strap make this New Era duffel easy to carry

  • Side and back pockets for easy access to wallets, phones, and personal items

Customize the New Era Legacy Duffel bag by adding an image, logo, or name to either side of the back. In addition, embroidery options and screen printing options are available. This duffel bag is available in four colors!

Legacy Duffel

Legacy Duffel

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Customize New Era Hats?

Yes, you can customize New Era hats. Personalize your New Era fitted hat by:

  • Adding custom embroidery to the front, back, side, or visor

  • Choose contrasting visor colors

  • Print an image or log on the front or back

  • Embroidery names along the adjustable strap in the back of some models

Can You Get Custom Embroidered New Era Hats?

Yes, you can get custom embroidered New Era hats. We sell a variety of New Era caps and offer embroidery services on all of them. Begin the process by selecting which type of hat you want to customize. Then follow these easy times for getting the clearest embroidery on your custom New Era Hat:

  • Chose a design with solid shapes and colors

  • Outline your fonts

  • Make sure the background of the design is clear

  • Upload in high-quality image formats (vector or PNG)

  • Contact one of our professional sales reps to aid you through the process

Where Can I Get Custom Fitted Hats from New Era?

DTLA Print sells custom-fitted hats from New Era. First, shop our massive stock of New Era hat options. Then, customize your New Era hat with embroidery or print services.

Can I mix and match New Era apparel & headwear styles on the same order?

Are you able to individually drop ship and fulfill my orders to a list of customers?

Are you able to screen print and also embroider on New Era apparel & headwear?

Yes, each location is able to be independently decorated with your preferred decoration method. Feel free to get creative and mix + match different techniques for a higher end and more customized product.

Do you charge extra for set up fees, separations, or digitizing my logo?

No, all our prices are all-inclusive and have no hidden fees.

How do I choose my ink pantone colors or thread colors?

During our ordering process we have fields for you to enter them if you have them available. If you don’t have them, no worry our team will help to find the closest pantone PMS match to your provided artwork.

Can I personalize my New Era apparel & headwear with my logo?

Absolutely, these items are specifically curated and hand picked for optimal private labeling, printing, and embroidery.

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