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HYP started in 1991 as an alternative to the licensed and team caps that were so popular at that time. The first designs included a peace sign, a light bulb, and the phrase “blah, blah, blah.” They seemed to have a hit on something, and the roller coaster ride began. They appeared on business shows on CNN and CNBC, in magazines, and celebrities were wearing their products- a pretty good start! Soon, however, they started to learn what they didn’t know- a lot! They kept moving forward, making mistakes, learning from them, and fast forward to today-- HYP is thriving! It is a different company than what they originally imagined, but a good solid company that has withstood everything the economy has thrown at us! Today’s HYP boasts several successful divisions- 1) HYP Accessories; 2) HYP Intimates; 3) HYP Bags; and 4) HYP Promo- and they are the proud owners of several brands and many licenses.