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Make Custom T-Shirts Front and Back

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Custom T-Shirts Front and Back

Custom t-shirts with dual-sided designs aren’t just about aesthetics; they’re a blend of form and functionality that elevate your fashion game. Imagine turning heads as you walk away – your witty slogan or captivating artwork leaving a lasting impression. With every glance, your message takes center stage, sparking intrigue and conversations.

The allure of custom t-shirts front and back lies in their ability to captivate from all angles. The front offers a prime spot for eye-catching logos, taglines, or bold graphics that introduce your identity. Flip to the back, and you unveil the rest of the story – a complementary image, a continuation of your narrative, or an unexpected twist that keeps onlookers engaged.


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5 Tips on Ordering Custom Front and Back T-Shirts

When it comes to making a lasting impact for your business, custom t-shirts front and back are a potent tool. Transforming a simple garment into a stylish marketing asset demands careful consideration and attention to detail. Here are expert tips to help you excel in producing business logo t-shirts that enhance your brand presence:

  1. Clarify Your Purpose: Define the purpose of your t-shirts, whether it’s for employee incentives, giveaways, or promotional events. This guides design, style, and quantity.

  2. Opt for Quality Blanks: Choose durable, comfortable fabrics ensuring a cozy fit and longevity. Quality materials positively reflect on your brand and encourage regular wear.

  3. Logo Placement Strategy: Determine the most impactful logo location, be it front and center or subtle. Strategic placement enhances brand recognition.

  4. Embrace Simplicity in Design: Keep your design clean and simple. A clutter-free logo and minimal elements create a timeless, professional look resonating with a broader audience.

  5. Color Palette Consistency: Infuse your brand’s color scheme to reinforce identity. A unified color scheme amplifies recognition and memorability.

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Print Services for Double-Sided T-Shirts

Embarking on a creative odyssey, custom t-shirts back and front become a canvas for your brand’s unique identity. Whether aiming for sophistication or laid-back charm, DTLA Print provides a treasure trove of options. Hand-select hues, strategically place your logo, and infuse your design, fashioning t-shirts that flawlessly encapsulate your brand’s soul. The result? A mesmerizing representation that etches an unforgettable impression on clients, team members, and partners, leaving an indelible mark wherever your personalized t-shirts are showcased.

  • Plastisol Print: The most popular method of screen printing, known for durability. If you’re looking for a print option that is more eco friendly, Water based ink might be for you.
  • Flocking: This services you business logo sweatshirt a vintage feel, in addition to a unique tactile experience. 
  • Water-Based Transfers: If your design includes a wide range of colors, this service might be for you. Alternatively, DTG also offers the chance to include a wide range of colors and tones.
  • Puff Print: Puff print is a great way to get noticed, this famous print technique is known for volume. Another great option for 3d print is High Density Screen Printing this print style is more polished but just as punchy! 

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Custom T-Shirts Front and Back

Frequently Asked Questions

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Front and back designs maximize visibility, allowing you to create a bold statement or showcase intricate artwork from all angles.

Yes, using multiple services is a great way to make a company hoodie that will be cherished by employees and clients. 

Absolutely, these t-shirts offer double exposure, making them excellent for promoting your brand, events, or messages.

Yes, custom woven labels with your brand’s logo can be sewn onto the jackets and hoodies for an added touch of personalization and branding. This service may require a minimum order quantity, so please consult our team for details.

Rush orders may be accommodated based on product availability and production capacity. Please contact our team with your urgent request, and we will do our best to meet your timeline.

Yes, you can customize the front and back with distinct designs, allowing you to convey multiple messages or showcase different visuals.