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Legacy Velour Beach Towel

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Weight 1.21 lbs
Material 100% Cotton Velour
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• 100% cotton velour
• 14.0 lbs. per dozen
• Size 35" x 60"

Fit Type Relaxed
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  • • 100% cotton velour
    • 14.0 lbs. per dozen
    • Size 35" x 60"

  • Material: 100% Cotton Velour

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The Story of Carmel Towels In 1999, two eager Sea Otters, Terry and Velour (which is French for ÒMy fur is fantasticÓ) established The Carmel Towel Company. The history of how they came to know each other is a great one. Terry and Velour first laid eyes on each other when Velour was transferred from her home aquarium off the coast of France to an aquarium in a city known for its beautiful views of the sea, Fargo, North Dakota. When they saw each other, it was love at first sight. Terry was smitten, bringing Velour a star fish and 3 sardines every afternoon for lunch. Over the delightful winter, their love for one another grew, but they longed for more. They wanted to leave the aquarium and become entrepreneurs. After careful thinking and a consultation with a walrus, they hatched a plan to escape from the aquarium. The plan was successful and upon their escape they swam and swam. Terry and Velour finally settled on a rock located close to Ocean Avenue in Carmel, California. They thought it would be the perfect place to set up shop. They formed a plan and established what is now The Carmel Towel Company. Things were not always rosy for our fearless friends. When they first entered the market they were wet behind the ears. No one took them seriously. There were many obstacles to overcome including the Sea Otter to English language barrier, and establishing credibility because they were, well, Sea Otters, and Velour was French. After hiring a stone crab as an interpreter and working their tails off, they have built one of the greatest towel companies ever. In a logical next step to fulfill the American dream in 2011 through massive un-leveraged buyout involving 6 investment, 3 food, and 2 blood banks, Terry and Velour sold out to Liberty Bags in what many Wall Street insiders called the synergistic can't miss deal of the year. As always when 2 industry giants get together it must go through federal regulators. There is some concern in the ASI community that Liberty and Carmel might have a monopoly on unbelievably cool products. A ruling from the FTC is expected sometime around 2037. In the meantime, the 2 companies are going to conduct business as usual. Jack Ryan, the man o-FISH-ally in charge of the joint companies was quoted as saying: ÒWe are thrilled with The Carmel Towel Company acquisition and look forward to working with everyone in the coming years.Ó