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From fully customizable garments and apparel to shipping directly to stores we can handle it all. A few of our finishing services include label printing, label sewing, hem tag sewing, hang tag attachments, fold and poly bag services, and shipping directly to the retailers of your choice.



Label prints are a great way to add extra value as well as get creative to promote your brand and business. When we remove the existing label we can re-label the t-shirts with your custom artwork inside the neck label. Popular items to include here are your logo, website, care/wash instructions, country of origin, and of course any artwork or text you would like to add! Can be printed in any one color as well!
DTLA Print Finishing Services 2 Sided Sew


The 2 sided label sew is mostly used for sewing size tabs, care labels, country of origin labels. This can also be used for Main labels over the neck binding as well as under the neck seam. This is the most economical option for the label sew.
DTLA Print 4 sided all around label sew stitch


The 4 sided label sew is similar to the 2 sided sew except that we would sew around the entire label. This is slightly more expensive and time consuming as the 2 sided label sew how ever the quality is noticeable. Mainly used for larger main labels and patches
DTLA Print Finishing Services Hem Tag Sew


Hem tags are extremely popular in the street, skate, and surf industries as well as emerging in the higher end boutiques. Adding a hem tag helps to prevent counterfeits, adds a little flare, and helps with branding. Popular hem tag locations are sleeve edges, collar, and the bottom of the shirt.
DTLA Print economical label removal
Economical Procedure
Straight Cut

The process of removing a label via a straight cut is the cheapest and most economical option. Our finishing department would cut the label out of the neck area and pull as much thread from between the seams as possible. This allows you to either sew in your own custom label or screen print / heat transfer your own label.

Technically Perfect
Premium Removal

This version of the label removal is almost twice as expensive but leaves the garment with no imperfections. Our finishing department would un-sew the seam area and entirely remove the existing label. At this point prior to sewing the neck seam back up, we can either sew it shut, or insert your own label to make the garment look like it was cut & sewn custom completely for you. When working with higher end boutiques and steeper price points this is the option we recommend. Leaves no trace of the product being manufactured by some one else or that you are using blank garments.

DTLA Print premium label removal

If you may have any questions regarding our printing process, file types or turn around times, check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

Industry Standard

Professional Fold + Poly Bag

DTLA Print has an in house finishing department in its facility with trained individuals to professionally fold and bag your garments. Bags can be provided with customizable options how ever we use a 1 mill flat poly bag which can be air sealed or taped shut.

DTLA Print fold and poly bag hoodie sweatshirts
DTLA Print fold and poly bag hoodies quality
DTLA Print hang tag attachment
Retail Ready Tags

Tagging Gun

Attach hang tags + price tickets to your garments with a plastic tagging gun, the quickest and most economical option. Will be placed in one of the seams of the garment (if available) to prevent tears and holes when user removes and pulls out.

Unique Styles Tags


Attaching price tickets and hang tags with a pin, *comes in various sizes, colors, and finishes* adds a certain level of quality to your overall garment.

DTLA Print hang tag high quality tee
Fashion Forward

Rolled Sleeve Cuffs

Fast Fashion is all about staying up to date and being first to market with the latest trends. We now offer rolled sleeves on any of our available short sleeve garments for an added fee. Options include 1 or 2 rolls and the sleeve cuffs are tacked for extra security and longevity.


Hang tag options. Pinned or tagging gun, your choice!


From label removal to label sew, we do it all.


Folding + poly bags, ready for retail or shipping.


From printing to shipping we do it all from L.A.
Full Inspection Services
From Print to Stores

DTLA Print believes that the inspection process is the most crucial of all the services we offer. We stand behind every garment we produce which is why we offer full inspection processes which include the following.

  • Wash Inspection
  • Iron / Steam Press
  • Over All Quality Inspection
  • Fit & Sizing Inspection
  • Sewing Inspection
  • Fabric Inspection
  • Print Inspection
U.S. + Inernational
Free USA Shipping

Yes, we ship worldwide! DTLA Print also offers free UPS ground shipping anywhere in the continental U.S. for all orders over $1,500 placed online. We can also ship directly to distribution centers, fulfillment houses, as well as retailers from our warehouse.  We are set up with DHL, Fed Ex, UPS, and more to simplify your shipping needs. All orders are packaged by size and style and customized depending on your / buyers needs.





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We can produce a fully decorated sample prior to placing a production order. This method tends to cost a lot more initially since all of the preparation and set up work would be the same whether we are producing 1 piece or 10,000 pieces. We would be able to refund or credit you all or a portion of your sample costs depending on the final production quantities to follow.

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