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Comfort Colors

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Custom Comfort Colors Shirts

Add a personal touch to your brand with customized Comfort Colors apparel. Known for their high-quality, garment-dyed fabric, Comfort Colors apparel provides a soft, vintage look and feel that your customers will love. From t-shirts to hoodies, these versatile pieces are perfect for promoting your brand at events or in your store. With screen printing or embroidery options available, you can easily add your logo or artwork to these timeless pieces. Whether you’re outfitting your team or creating merchandise for your customers, custom Comfort Colors apparel will give your brand a stylish edge.

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Comfort Colors

About the Brand

Comfort Colors

With the Comfort Colors line of worn-in, understated tees, tanks, and sweatshirts, every day feels like the ideal lazy Sunday. They’ve been producing everyone’s favorite clothing for more than 40 years, taking you back to the fundamentals with outfits designed for the utmost in comfort. As a new member of the Gildan family, they are eager to work with a business renowned globally for its manufacturing know-how and a shared dedication to producing high-quality clothing people love to wear. Since they wash the clothes 50 times before they reach you, their distinctive dyeing techniques enable them to create that worn-in and weathered look without the clothes losing shape or shrinking. There is always a good moment to change into something cozier.

Custom Comfort Colors Shirts

Bound to be the favorite amongst your group for all of your events, the custom Comfort Colors shirt options feel like an old favorite right out of the package.

The Fit

Made from only the highest-quality 100% U.S.-grown cotton, the custom shirts Comfort Colors offer are never stiff or rough. These super-soft, ringspun cotton Comfort Colors t shirts custom orders are an instant fan favorite right off the bat.

The Comfort Color custom t shirts are a "Classic Fit," which features a relaxed look. Different shirt designs will offer various sleeve and shirt lengths and silhouettes. All in all, the Comfort Colors custom shirts are all designed to be the goldilocks fit – not too tight and not too loose. 

The Colors

Don’t worry about these quality shirts shrinking on you. Comfort Colors offers custom shirts in over three dozen colors using their signature garment dye process. Before the shirt arrives at your door, it’s already been washed and dried twice—no bleeding, shrinking, or other unwanted surprises.

Looking for a specific, unique color to match your branding flawlessly? With colors from neon pink to washed denim, we can make that happen. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered with our custom dye and wash techniques, which means you can have Comfort Colors custom shirts in any color you can imagine.

The Design

Custom order these Comfort Colors t shirts in as few or as many as you need. But don’t forget your personalization. Offering fits for kids, teens, and adults; you can design a custom t shirt for all.

If you’re having trouble figuring out the best design, our experts are here to help. Consult with our team today to see how we can ensure the best custom Comfort Colors shirts for your next event.

Styling a Comfort Colors Custom Shirt

The best part about Comfort Colors custom shirt orders is that they are great to wear all year round. Your customers will gladly continue wearing your marketing materials for the simple fact that Comfort Colors are made from premier cotton, making them softer than most, and are flattering for all body shapes.

Whatever you do, make sure you order extras. After all, the more, the merrier!

Check out some of our most popular custom t shirt Comfort Colors options:

Custom Comfort Colors Sweatshirts

If you’re looking for a hoodie that’s made to last, look no further than the Comfort Colors Hooded Sweatshirt. The signature comfortable and relaxed fit and feel of Comfort Colors does not fall short in their thoughtfully-crafted line of sweatshirts, sure to keep wearers warm and cozy.

The Fit

Offering the optimal combination of softness and durability, Comfort Colors Hooded Sweatshirt provides a polyester/cotton blend in each custom design. The hoodie looks its best on those standing in a natural pose thanks to a rolled forward shoulder design. For added comfort, the relaxed bottom waistband ensures the sweatshirt won't ride up during wear.

To accommodate going on over clothes, these pullover hoodies are a tad bit oversized. While most are looking for a more relaxed fit in their hoodies, be sure to share a sizing chart with customers to ensure they get exactly what it is they’re looking for in a custom Comfort Colors sweatshirt order.

The Colors

Not only do they look and feel great, but these sweatshirts come in all of the colors you could possibly imagine. With a dozen options to choose from, including hemp, neon red-orange, blue jeans, and everything in between, the hardest part will be narrowing down your options.

You won’t find a genuine vintage look on a custom sweatshirt like you will with Comfort Colors, thanks to the pigment dye process. And just like the Comfort Colors custom shirts, we’ve got you covered with our custom dye and wash techniques, which means you can customize your sweatshirts to any color.

The Design

Nothing says throwback quite like the look of a vintage sweatshirt. With Comfort Colors custom sweatshirts, you can provide the warmth and branding your event needs without having to compromise style. 

Give your customers something they will want to keep wearing. After all, who wouldn’t want to throw on a comfortable and warm vintage sweatshirt when it gets chilly?

Styling a Custom Comfort Colors Sweatshirt

The Comfort Colors custom sweatshirt line is sure to make anyone ask about where they can get one for themselves. Leave your customers wanting more with a product they can wear all year round, weather permitting. 

Check out some of our most popular Comfort Colors sweatshirt custom order options:

About Comfort Colors

The industry leader in blank apparel for over 45 years, Comfort Colors has perfected the art of making a brand-new shirt feel familiar. The lived-in feel offers a soft and relaxed fit from the first wear, using only the highest quality U.S.-grown cotton.

The timeless process of garment-dying leaves Comfort Colors custom t shirts in an array of colors, all inspired by nature.

A Signature Style

A handful of imitators have entered the market, adopting Comfort Colors’ manufacturing techniques and color palette. It comes as no surprise as the distinctive look and feel of Comfort Colors have become so popular over the years, especially among college students.

You might often see the term “wash” combined with other words like soft, beach, comfort, etc. Thanks to the trademarked name Comfort Colors, competing t-shirt brands must use their own language to describe the style that fans have come to love and admire over the last four decades.

In the end, the company that has become known for single-handedly perfecting the garment-dyeing process prevails, though. And for loyal fans, nothing beats the original Comfort Colors.

An Innovative Company

Their distinctive line of apparel & headwear has emerged through the development of industry-leading dyeing techniques. Comfort Colors has spearheaded innovation since its foundation over four decades ago.

Comfort Colors also builds its garments to last and designs them for comfort beyond its innovative dyeing process. Using only the highest-quality, 100% U.S.-grown ring-spun cotton, Comfort Colors apparel & headwear is known for exceptional durability, softness, and construction.

The History of Comfort Colors

With an old washing machine and $275, Barry T. Chouinard launched his first collection of dyed garments in rural Vermont in the late 1970s. He quickly knew he was onto something when revenue had reached $8 million just a few years later.

Comfort Colors came to life in 1995 when Mr. Chouinard began marketing products. It was at this time that he established the brand as a major player in the growing custom apparel market by introducing the industry’s first garment-dyed, ring-spun cotton t-shirts.

Mr. Chouinard sold his company to Gildan in 2015 for a whopping $100 million after overseeing 40 years of innovation and growth. Talk about living in comfort!


Today, Comfort Colors is one of the premier brands in the Gildan family, as the acquisition almost a decade ago strengthened the company.

Gildan has boosted Comfort Colors for continued and optimal popularity and growth by leveraging its massive distribution network, facilities, and technology while retaining the quality of the manufacturing and dyeing techniques.

Why People Love Comfort Colors

The distinctive weathered and soft look and feel of Comfort Colors apparel & headwear is a product of the combination of garment dyeing and washing, a signature of the brand. A variety of unique characteristics make this clothing so beloved through the use of different innovative techniques.

Garment dyeing

Comfort Colors is an industry leader in innovative techniques for garment dyeing, which is the term given to the process of dyeing the fabric after the item has been constructed. As opposed to traditional piece-dyeing, in which the fabric is pre-dyed, resulting in uniform color, the garment dyeing method produces slight variations in color that are unique to the item.

Comfort Colors utilizes three primary garment dyeing techniques, including pigment dyeing,  pigment spraying, and direct/reactive coloring.

Pigment dyeing

Rather than using standard dyes, pigment washing or pigment dyeing uses pigments for a distinctive washed-out, vintage look that continues to fade over time gradually. Pigments attach to the fabric’s surface with a binding agent rather than a dye that soaks deep into the fibers in traditional garment dyeing techniques.

Comfort Colors is known for being the industry’s original pigment dye company. Today, continuing in its innovative fashion, Comfort Colors has developed a pigment dyeing technique that is more eco-friendly than competitors.

Pigment Spraying

Pigment spraying is the newest technique of garment dyeing that involves spraying dye onto a piece rather than immersing it in a dye bath. Because of the wide range of color concentrations, every garment ends up with unique patterns and textures. A hippy, and happy, accident is the ultimate end product, as the results are a randomized tie-dye look.

“Color Blast” is the term Comfort Colors currently uses for this proprietary garment dyeing technique. With more colors surely on the way as the style gains popularity, Comfort Colors currently offers Color Blast in six colors.

Direct/Reactive Coloring

Producing vibrant hues and reliable color-fastness, the direct/reactive coloring process is another innovative garment dyeing technique. Using a soaking or chemical reaction process, this technique uses soluble organic dyes that absorb deep into the fabric. The final result of direct/reactive coloring is a more consistent and saturated color that will last throughout the life of the garment.

To produce a variety of pastel, rich, and bright colors that stay consistent through future washes, Comfort Colors utilizes the direct/reactive coloring technique.

Garment Washing

In addition to garment dyeing, Comfort Colors also utilizes a garment washing process to ensure the quality of each and every one of its products. Garment washing simply means that it’s been pre-washed after its construction. 

The purpose of garment washing is to provide apparel & headwear with a lived-in and relaxed look and feel.

There is an array of different techniques for garment washing, and the most popular include using chloride (acid wash), pigments (pigment-washed), enzymes (enzyme-washed), and even volcano rocks (stone wash).

Custom Colors for Comfort Colors

Gone are the days of limiting yourself to pre-dyed products that don’t quite align with your brand guidelines. Give your customers products they’re eager to represent and stand apart from the competition with Comfort Colors custom options. We offer a wide assortment of dye and wash techniques for Comfort Colors custom apparel & headwear. 

Some of the most popular include pigment dyes, reactive dyes, silicone washes, and enzyme washes. Specialty dyes, including stone dyes and tie dyes, are also available upon request.

Through our various techniques, we are able to achieve super vibrant and bright shades to more subtle and matte pastel colors.

Countless PFD Styles to Choose From

Prepared For Dye, or PFD, Garments is a fabric in its rawest form. It has not been treated or dyed in any way and comes in its natural off-white color. 

We have countless units of PFD styles in stock, including Comfort Colors, ready to be dyed to your exact Pantone / PMS Color of choice. That means the Comfort Colors sweatshirt custom design of your dreams is just a few clicks away. We have all Comfort Colors apparel & headwear available in PFD.