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Unquestionably, Carhartt is a trusted name in workwear, renowned for its durability, toughness, and longevity. For decades, the Carhartt brand has been the go-to choice for workers in various industries, from construction to farming. When you customize Carhartt caps with your company's logo, you're not just adding an accessory to your employees' work attire, but also a badge of honor that signifies hard work, determination, and excellence. Custom Carhartt caps are an ideal promotional product for businesses that want to showcase their brand in a practical and long-lasting way.

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The American clothing manufacturer Carhartt, Inc. was established in 1889. Carhartt is well-known for its workwear, including coats, jackets, and apparel that is both fire-resistant and suitable for hunting.

An All Inclusive Guide To Custom Carhartt Hoodies, Jackets, Shirts, and Hats

About the Brand | The History of Carhartt

Carhartt is an American brand founded in 1889 by Hamilton Carhartt in Detroit, Michigan. Hamilton Carhartt started the company with workers in the locomotive industry in mind. He collaborated with locomotive workers to develop the most efficient and durable work overalls. Carhartt's first slogan was "Honest value for an honest dollar." Throughout the years, Carhartt has maintained this value of offering quality and durable merchandise at a reasonable price. Carhartt's dedication to creating long-lasting and functional clothing propelled them to success. Within 20 years, Hamilton Carhartt expanded production operations to several other states.

Despite social, economic, and political challenges in the early 1900s, Carhartt persevered as the leading manufacturer and supplier of work gear. During World War I and II, they opened their manufacturing plants to assist in creating uniforms for US troops. At the same time, Carhartt began launching women's clothing. During WWI and WWII, women took over factory positions while the men were drafted to fight overseas. Carhartt created overalls and other workwear that supported women in the labor force. Now, Carhartt has continued to develop clothing for both men and women.

Carhartt remains headquartered in Detroit, Michigan. It is still owned and operated by the Carhartt family. Their primary production plant is located in Mexico, but Carhartt also has several operating factories in the United States. They proudly source a significant amount of materials from domestic suppliers, including cotton from Georgia.

Carhartt has expanded its clothing lines for both men and women over the years. However, they have yet to change the design of their flagship items, such as their bibs and coats. The use of durable, weather-resistant textiles, heavy-duty threads, reinforced rivets, and flexible construction trademarks Carhartt clothing.

Carhartt proudly supports laborers and has consistently participated in philanthropic activities. They actively support blue-collar organizations and sponsor training programs. Most notably, following the World Trade Center attacks on 9/11, Carhartt donated thousands of work gear items to rescue teams. Then, in 2020, Carhartt shifted the focus of their US production plants to create masks and medical gowns to support the increased demand for PPE during COVID-19.

Carhartt Hoodies

Custom Carhartt hoodies make excellent gifts. Carhartt hoodies are designed for maximum comfort and range of movement. Available in light to mid-weight fleece, Carhartt hoodies are made from moisture-wicking fabric that has antimicrobial properties designed to combat odors.

Custom Carhartt Midweight Pullover Hoodie

Midweight Hooded Sweatshirt

If you wear a custom Carhartt hoodie, you are guaranteed to remain warm and dry throughout the workday. Carhartt hoodies help to wick away sweat and regulate temperature. They are available in pullover and zip-up designs. Each hoodie has a 3-part hood with drawstring closure. The kangaroo pocket attached to the front of each Carhartt hoodie is large enough to keep your hands warm and safely store your phone. In addition, you can customize every style of Carhartt hoodie. Add an embroidered logo or name to the front, back, or sleeve to create a custom Carhartt hoodie.

Custom Carhartt Hats | Add Your Logo

Carhartt hats are great customizable gifts and uniform pieces. Several models of Carhartt hats are available, including beanies, trucker hats, Snapbacks, and traditional ball caps. Carhartt hats are popular because they are durable and water-resistant. They also feature moisture-wicking material that helps to combat sweat and maintain odor control. You can add an embroidered logo to the front, side, back, or brim of your Carhartt hat, creating a unique version of a classic item with our custom Carhartt hat services.

Carhartt hats are available in several colors. They are designed to complement all other pieces of Carhartt gear. Carhartt hats are protective headwear that is great for keeping out the cold and regulating your body temperature. Carhartt beanies offer the right amount of stretch and flexibility to fit most head sizes, and their ball caps have adjustable snap closures to ensure a snug fit. The inside of the trucker hats and ball caps have a fast-drying sweatband to keep your vision clear and keep sweat out of your eyes. Carhartt hats are the perfect accessory to maintain invisibility and safety on a job site or while doing any outdoor activities.

Carhartt hats are affordable to customize and make great trade show giveaways and promotional items. Carhartt's value is well known. Therefore presenting a future client with a custom Carhartt hat is a thoughtful gift showing that quality work is important to you. Finally, they will wear the custom Carhartt hat often, giving your brand free exposure and promotion.

Carhartt Beanies

Carhartt offers several different beanie styles. Their most classic design is the Carhartt Watch Cap. This beanie features many properties that make the hat fashionable and functional. Carhartt Watch Caps are knitted beanies that have odor-fighting technology built into the fabric. It traps in odors and then releases them in the wash to keep your beanie smelling fresh and new for years to come.

custom Carhartt Acrylic Watch Hat

Acrylic Watch Hat

Carhartt beanies are seamless hats that offer ultimate comfort with no fear of tags or seams rubbing and irritating your skin. Carhartt beanies also feature fast-drying material that wicks away water and sweat. Carhartt beanies are ideal for all outdoor activities, including labor jobs, hunting, skiing, and snowboarding. In addition, you can customize Carhartt beanies with your logo. Custom Carhartt beanies are available in a variety of colors and style options. Add your embroidered logo to the front or back of your hat, and have branded work gear for your entire team. You can check out all the options for Carhartt beanies:

Carhartt Jackets

Carhartt is most well-known for its jackets and outerwear. Carhartt jackets are made from either cotton canvas or nylon. Heavyweight jackets are made of 100% cotton canvas. They are water resistant and water repellent. Lightweight jackets are made of 100% nylon and are waterproof. Carhartt jackets include several features that increase the safety and functionality of the coat.

Most notably, Carharrt uses heavy-duty zippers and triple-inforced seams. The jackets are constructed to withstand lots of wear and tear. Each Carhartt jacket offers several different-sized pockets. Most side pockets have dual closure options to keep personal belongings secure. Choose a canvas jacket with a corduroy collar for the most classic Carhartt look. Not only does this rugged design protect you from the cold, but it will also offer a maximum range of movement.

Custom Carhartt Fleece Lined Canvas Jacket for Men

Fleece Lined Canvas Jacket

Custom Carhartt jackets are essential to blue-collar workers' uniforms. Keep your crew safe, warm, and dry while promoting your brand. Make your employees look like a team by embroidering your logo on their custom Carhartt jackets' front, back, or sleeve.

Different Types of Carhartt Work Jackets

Carhartt is well known for its work and safety jackets. There are several options available. Carhartt's most recognized safety jacket is the traditional duck coat. The conventional duck coat features several pockets. It is made of a cotton canvas material that is water resistant and water repellent. Create a custom Carhartt duck coat by adding your logo to the chest sleeve or back of the Carhartt jacket.

Another popular workwear and safety jacket from Carhartt is their Shoreline jacket. The Shoreline jacket is a loose-fitting, heavyweight jacket that is waterproof. In addition, the jacket has fully taped seams that help to deflect cold winds. The inner lining features breathable fabric that will wick sweat away while preventing water from rain or snow from getting inside the jacket.

Men's Custom Carhartt Shoreline Nylon Jacket with Hood

Shoreline Nylon Jacket with Hood

The Shoreline jacket has a lined hood that is also removable. The jacket has several pockets, including two side zip pockets and a breast pocket. The Carhartt Shoreline jacket is guaranteed to keep out wind and water with its double front closure that includes a zipper and storm flap. The outer shell of the jacket is made from 100% nylon. The inside is made from a polyester blend. The shoreline jacket is machine washable and is easily customized with a company logo or employee name. Custom Carhartt jackets make excellent additions to your team's uniform. Keep your employees safe and warm while simultaneously promoting your brand. You can add an embroidered logo to the Shoreline jacket on the front, back, or arm sleeve.

If you want a more tailored and stylish Carhartt jacket, check out the Carhartt Gilliam jacket. This jacket is lightweight and tailored for a polished look. The outside of the shell is made of 100% nylon. It is waterproof. The Gilliam jacket has multiple pockets. The side pockets have zip and snap closures to keep personal belongings safe from the elements. The Gilliam jacket is available in both men's and women's fits. These jackets are also fully customizable. Add an embroidered logo to the front sleeve or back of the jacket. The Gilliam jacket is an excellent choice for project managers, property managers, and developers. This jacket is tough enough for people that work outdoors and polished enough to close a sales deal with a new client. Learn about all the top features of the Gilliam jacket and customize yours today. Men's Gilliam Jacket

Carhartt Detroit Jacket

The Carhartt Detroit jacket is an affordable and functional customizable Carhartt jacket. The Detroit jacket is water resistant. The 100% cotton duck canvas material easily repels rain and snow. The Detroit jacket features a Carhartt signature corduroy-trimmed collar. This jacket also has several pockets, including two front side pockets and two interior pockets. The Detroit jacket has an optional removable hood. This jacket is considered to be heavyweight and is a popular choice for warehouse workers, farmers, and construction crews.

Show appreciation for your team by buying custom Carhartt Detroit jackets for them to wear on the job site. Get your company logo embroidered on the chest or sleeve of the Detroit jacket to keep your crew working efficiently while protecting them from the elements. The Carhartt Detroit jacket is made to last. It has Carhartt's trademarked triple-seam. This jacket will protect your team for years to come.

Carhartt Detroit Jacket

Carhartt Vests

If you are looking for outdoor protective gear with more flexibility than a jacket, check out Carhartt's collection of vests. Carhartt offers two models of outdoor vests. One is the duck vest, which is made from 100% cotton canvas. The cotton canvas material is water resistant and water repellent. This vest features front and side pockets, a heavy-duty zipper closure, and a Carhartt signature corduroyed collar. This is a heavyweight vest that fits comfortably over a Carhartt hoodie.

A lighter-weight outdoor vest option from Carhartt is the Gilliam vest. Like the Gilliam jacket, the vest features a quilted nylon outer shell that is waterproof. It also features several pockets and has reinforced stitching for maximum durability. The Gilliam vest is more tailored than the duck vest. Employees can wear a great polished look in and out of work. Finally, the Gilliam vest is available in both men's and women's fits.

Custom Carhartt vests are an excellent way to advertise your brand while keeping your employees safe from all types of weather. Add an embroidered logo to the front or back of the vest. Carhartt vests are also less expensive than Carhartt jackets, making these items more affordable to gift or use at trade shows. Check out all the options for custom Carhartt vests, including

Carhartt T-Shirts

Carhartt T-shirts are available in short sleeves and long sleeves. All of them feature a relaxed fit and one front chest pocket. Like all other Carhartt products, their T-shirts are built to last and withstand rigorous washing. The T-shirts are made from heavyweight cotton that is both breathable and easy to move and work in. It is easy to see why Carhartt's relaxed fit, pocket cotton T-shirts have been a standard item in their clothing line since 1992.

Custom Carhartt T-shirts are a great choice for both uniforms and giveaways. Have your brand's logo embroidered or screen printed on the front, back, or sleeve of a Carhartt T-shirt so your employees can proudly advertise their workplace. The durability of Carhartt T-shirts ensures you will not have to replace them often. Adding custom Carhartt T-shirts to your team's uniform requirements will look great and last longer than other brands on the market.

Custom Carhartt Long Sleeve T-Shirt with Chest Pocket

Long Sleeve T-Shirt with Chest Pocket

Embroidery for Custom Carhartt

Adding custom embroidery to your Carhartt gear is a great way to advertise your brand and support positive work culture. Carhartt makes its jackets, hats, bags, and hoodies out of thick, high-quality material. Choosing embroidery over other customization options like screen printing will ensure that your logo lasts just as long as the Carhartt clothing will.

Our embroidery is hand-digitized using quality thread and stitching. Threads are available in various colors and styles to best match your brand's and logo's look. Our hand-digitized method ensures all embroidery is clean, easy to read, and long-lasting. There are thousands of different thread colors to choose from, and one of our sales representatives can help color-match your brand logo or preferred artwork.

Embroidery is available on your custom Carhartt clothing in multiple locations. Hoodies can get embroidery on either side of the chest, sleeve, back of the hoodie, and on top of the hood. Jackets can be embroidered on their sleeves, front, and back. Custom embroidery locations are available for jackets, but they must be ordered through a representative. Hats can be embroidered on the front, back, or side. Ball caps can also be embroidered on the brim. T-shirts can get custom embroidery on either side of the chest, the back, or underneath the collar. However, the most requested location is on the upper sleeve or wrist. We offer free digitizing and photo samples to ensure that your custom embroidery will look perfect

Custom Carhartt Jackets For Women

Carhartt started designing clothing for women during World War II. Women began filling factory positions when the men were drafted to go to war. Now Carhartt makes jackets specifically designed to flatter a woman's body. Carhartt women's clothing line features the same high-quality fabrics, durable closures, and reinforced stitching as the men's. Popular choices for women's Carhartt jackets are the Crawford jacket and the Gilliam jacket.

The Crawford jacket is made of cotton canvas material and is very similar to the men's Detroit jacket. Instead of having a fold-over collar, the women's collar is cropped. This jacket is still heavyweight and loosely fitted but features some tailoring to suit a smaller stature better. The Gilliam jacket has a 100% waterproof nylon shell and is wind resistant like the men's Gilliam jacket. It has two front pockets and one chest pocket. This jacket is lightweight, and its quilted finish is modern and professional. In addition, the Gilliam jacket is available as a vest for women. The vest features the same material, stitching, and finishes as the jacket.

Custom Women's Carhartt Jacket Crawford Nylon Shell

Women’s Crawford Jacket

You can customize women's Carhartt jackets as well. Add embroidered logos to either side of the jacket's chest, sleeve, or back.

Different Types of Carhartt Bags

Carhartt extends its quality and functionality standards to its bags. Choose from several different styles of Carhartt bags. The most popular options are cooler lunch bags and heavy-duty duffle bags. Carhartt lunch bags are water-resistant and fully insulated to keep your lunch, water, and snacks fresh throughout the workday. Carhartt duffle bags are built just as tough as their clothing. Reinforced seams and heavy-duty zippers allow you to stuff the duffle bag full of clothes and tools without worrying about rips or snags. All Carhartt bags are fully customizable.

Carhartt Coolers

Keep lunches insulated in Carhartt coolers. They are available in numerous sizes and feature several compartments. The insulated inside section keeps food cold for up to 8 hours. The exterior fabric is water-repellent. Different pockets protect snacks, utensils, and personal items from getting smooshed. Easily carry these heavy-duty lunch boxes with reinforced shoulder straps or short handles. Custom logos can be embroidered on the front, back, or side of Carhartt coolers. One of the larger Carhartt coolers can hold up to 20 cans Backpack 20-Can Cooler

Carhartt Duffle Bags

Pack for a full day's worth of work needs in a Carhartt duffle bag. Extra socks, t-shirts, and pants can easily fit in small, medium, and large work-shoulder bags. Carhartt duffle bags are built tough and can even carry small tools. Built out of heavy-duty canvas nylon, you can carry, drag, and haul your bag without worrying about snags, rips, and broken zippers. Add a logo to the front or back to create a custom Carhartt duffle bag durable enough to belong on every job site. Check out Carhartt's 14" tool bag Carhartt Tool Bag

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you wash a Carhartt jacket?

Washing your Carhartt jacket properly will maintain the properties of the fabric. Stay away from bleach. Bleach will break down the fibers in the fabric. You don't want to degrade the fire-resistant or water-resistant benefits of the textile. It is also a good idea to stay away from fabric softeners. Fabric softeners coat fabric and some of the film remains even after washing. These are usually flammable and unsafe to use on work gear that is meant to protect from hazards. Wash your Carhartt jacket in warm water. Then tumble dry it on low to medium heat. Do not use hot temperatures in the wash or dry cycle. Moderate temperatures will preserve the fabric and construction of the jacket. It is best to dry and wash your jacket in small loads. At most, wash two jackets at the same time. Always empty the pockets and zip the jacket up to prevent damage to the closures.

Can you get custom logos embroidered on any of the Carhartt products?

You can add a logo to any Carhartt product. Create custom Carhartt hoodies, custom Carhartt jackets, and custom Carhartt beanies by adding your brand logo, specific department names, job titles, and employee badge numbers. Choose from thousands of thread colors to get a perfect match to your brand's logo. Not only will the embroidery be clear and easy to read, but it will also be an exact replica of the image you provide. The quality is so good, it will look like it was originally manufactured with your logo on it. Custom logos can be embroidered on the side, back, and the brim of hats. Custom Carhartt hoodies have more options for logo embroidery locations including chest, sleeves, back, top of the hood, and collar. Embroidery is the best way to customize your Carhartt merchandise. Carhartt products are made from heavy-duty material. This is why the clothing lasts as long as it does. However, you want your customizations to last just as long. Our high-quality embroidery services are executed to last just as long as your clothing will.

Why is Carhartt so popular?

Carhartt products are popular because of their durable construction. For over 100 years, Carhartt has been the leading clothing producer for blue-collar workers. Carhartt clothing is available with several protective properties including water-resistant, fire-resistant, temperature-regulating, and antimicrobial odor-fighting textiles. The entire range of Carhartt clothing and accessories can be customized with brand logos. Crews can wear matching uniforms that not only look good but function great as well. Carhartt has remained the premium choice for customized clothing because Carhartt has always stayed true to its initial purpose. They create high-quality clothing for good value. Carhartt clothing lasts a long time and is comfortable for workers to wear. Providing custom Carhartt clothing shows that you are investing in your employees and that their safety and comfort are your top priority. It’s no secret that your crew works hard. Carhartt clothing will work hard with them.

Can I mix and match Carhartt apparel & headwear styles on the same order?

Are you able to individually drop ship and fulfill my orders to a list of customers?

Are you able to screen print and also embroider on Carhartt apparel & headwear?

Yes, each location is able to be independently decorated with your preferred decoration method. Feel free to get creative and mix + match different techniques for a higher end and more customized product.

Do you charge extra for set up fees, separations, or digitizing my logo?

No, all our prices are all-inclusive and have no hidden fees.

How do I choose my ink pantone colors or thread colors?

During our ordering process we have fields for you to enter them if you have them available. If you don’t have them, no worry our team will help to find the closest pantone PMS match to your provided artwork.

Can I personalize my Carhartt apparel & headwear with my logo?

Absolutely, these items are specifically curated and hand picked for optimal private labeling, printing, and embroidery.

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