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Custom Water Based Transfer Printing

Wholesale Water Based Transfer Printing in Los Angeles

trusted by thousands of companies across the u.s.

Full Color Screen Print Transfers

Water Based Transfer Printing combines the flexibility and convenience of DTG garment printing with the quality of traditional silkscreen techniques. Water Based Transfer Printing produces eco-friendly printed shirts and has a very long lasting wash cycles, tested at over 50 washes with out any fading. This expands the range of products that can be used as promotional items. Our environmentally  friendly water-based ink – free from phthalates and PVC – is extremely versatile and can be applied to nearly any fabric. The superior bleed-resistant ink is highly opaque, preserving the clarity of your designs and leaving a smooth, matte finish.

heat transfer
water based transfer

Eco-Friendly Water Based Heat Transfers

Some production houses cut corners and use vinyl transfers we use only the best environmentally friendly water based ink is free from phthalates and PVC . We have tested our various transfers for durability – over 50 washes later, they still look great! They work on 100% cotton garments as well as complex patterned polyester fabrics. We recommend ordering a sample of your desired garment prior to running a production as each fabric and color may react differently. 

Pro Tip: To ensure you get the most out of your full color transfer, always wash inside out. When washed correctly, water based transfers have been known to last for over 75 washes.

Water Based Heat Transfer Gallery

Recommended Products for Water Based Transfers

Part of what makes full color shirt printing so popular is it’s ability to work on so many products. There are few customization services that are able to photo quality image transfers. If you’re considering producing a custom transfer garment, we suggest using one of these following products as your canvas:

water based transfer
water based transfer

What is a Water Based Heat Transfer?

Water based transfers, also known as photo t-shirt printing; combines the quality and durability of traditional silk screen techniques with the flexibility, color range, and high quality photo real detail of digital printing. This allows for a wide range of images to be printed on any fabric imaginable with low damage rates, quicker turnaround times, and fewer limitations, all while keeping our eco-friendly vision in mind. 

Eco-friendly Inks

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How This Process Works

Your account rep will work with our teams to review each and every order by triple checking all details and artwork for accuracy and optimal print quality. You will receive a free full creative proof for your approval before we proceed to production.


Your order is triple checked by our team prior to production and before shipment
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Water-Based Transfer Printing

What We Offer

DTLA Print was created to provide helpful service,
simple streamlined ordering & eco-friendly options.
A company with transparent prices & ethics, a company who aims to
create good things.

Dedicated Reps

Each account receives a dedicated rep who can be reached by phone or via e-mail.

Quality Over Quantity

DTLA Print believes in quality over quantity and we want our customers to feel the same way.

Long Lasting Relationships

We value all of our clients and aim to solidify long lasting & mutually beneficial relationships.

We Don't Cookie Cut

Each project is unique and requires its own process. Depending on the desired product, we will customize the inks and process for each order.

We Stand Behind Our Work

Our main goal is to provide peace of mind, so you can relax and have confidence that your job will come out exactly as you had imagined.

Innovative Ideas

DTLA Print is proud to be a leading partner in the promotional products + fashion industry, with unique ideas + out of the box printing methods.

Receive Full Order Proofs And Eliminate Errors.

Receive Full Order Proofs And Eliminate Errors. img

Water-Based Transfers

Frequently Asked Questions

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DTLA Print combines the quality and durability of traditional silk screen techniques with the flexibility, color range, and high quality photo real detail of digital printing to allow a wide range of images to be printed on any fabric imaginable with low damage rates, quicker turns, and fewer limitations, all while keeping our eco-friendly vision in mind.

All of our wearable transfers, and transfers made have been tested with over 50 washes and they still looked great. These eco-friendly waterbased transfers for apparel are made to last!

We recommend to follow the included care label and wash instructions provided on your garment, when possible turn the garment inside out for even better results.

What level of detail can these transfers achieve?

Our process prints millions of colors and gradients, allowing us to reproduce almost any artwork, no matter how complex. We can render fine detail as small as 1 mm.

At the moment our current largest waterbased transfer size is 16.5×11.7, if you need a larger transfer we might need to print directly onto the garment or use a classic plastisol transfer.

The default print process is CMYK (actually, we run a six-color process that gives DTLA Print’s transfers more range in the color spectrum). We have the ability to Pantone (PMS) color match. All you need to do is indicate the colors in your order. We do not print RGB files.

Yes, the minimum order for a sample run is 20 pieces, at the moment this is the lowest quantity we can produce.

No, We have taken the complexity out of ordering transfers: no calculations or hidden fees.

Not at all, design away. You can print unlimited colors and gradients with DTLA Print’s eco-friendly apparel waterbased transfers. We do not charge by the color, from one to one million the price remains the same.

Unfortunately, no they cannot. Our water based heat transfers are produced using CMYK color model.  

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A 100 piece minimum is needed for an account rep to handle your order.

For online orders

Screen Printing: 25 pieces minimum
Embroidery: 3 pieces minimum
Water-based Transfers: 1 piece minimum
Direct-to-Garment: 1 piece minimum
Patches: 25 pieces minimum

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