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Custom Embroidered Hoodies

DTLA Print provides a sophisticated and practical solution for businesses looking to showcase their brand – custom hoodies! Hoodies are perfect for outdoor events or casual work environments, providing warmth and comfort while showcasing your business’s logo or artwork. By customizing your hoodie with either embroidery or printing, you can create a highly visible promotional item that will increase brand recognition and customer loyalty. DTLA Print offers a range of hoodies in various colors, sizes, and styles, ensuring that you can create a personalized and high-quality product that accurately represents your brand. Trust us for all your custom apparel needs and elevate your brand today!

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High-Quality Custom Hoodies: Crafting Your Unique Statement

Nestled in the vibrant pulse of Los Angeles, DTLA Print elevates the art of custom hoodies with our signature blend of meticulous embroidery, custom patches, and eye-catching water-based prints. Our dedication to perfection goes beyond mere aesthetics – we are your allies from conception to creation, ensuring every detail reflects your vision with precision.

At DTLA Print, we don’t just customize apparel; we craft statements. Our commitment to excellence is evident in every stitch, transforming hoodies into a testament to your brand’s identity and ethos. With a keen eye for innovation and a passion for unparalleled service, we invite you to experience the transformation of the humble hoodie into a masterpiece of personal expression.

Choose DTLA Print, where exceptional craftsmanship meets creativity, and customer satisfaction is not just a goal but a guarantee. Let your brand stand out, hoodie by hoodie, with our unwavering dedication to delivering the extraordinary.

Experience next-level screen printing with water-based inks, puff printing, high-density, flocking, 3m reflective printing, and more.

For the extra-professional look, our detailed embroidery will give your label that extra edge. Check out our 3D puff embroidery and see for yourself!

DTGDirect-to-Garment – printing can add a photo-like quality to your hoodies. For unlimited colors, DTG printing can display all of the details you can think of.

Combine the vibrancy of screen printing with the flexibility of DTG printing with water-based transfer printing. Add highly opaque, clear designs with a smooth, matte finish.


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Los Angeles Apparel’s hf-09 Long Sleeve Heavy Fleece Crew is a popular favorite for premium customization. We have put together a guide for deciding between puff printing and 3D embroidery, 2 specialty customization options, on this highly sought-after item.

The Gildan hoodie is a versatile choice, perfect for any occasion. Gildan has set a standard for quality blanks, and this hoodie is no exception – let DTLA Print’s high-end customization take care of the rest.

Crafted with a signature sustainable fabric blend of 50% Supima Cotton and 50% Micromodal – an eco-friendly, naturally soft material made from recycled beech wood. This high-end hoodie will make your brand stand out with our premium customization services.

Custom Hoodies Buyer’s Guide

A custom hoodie must be both comfortable and fashionable. There is something for everyone in the world of customized hoodies, from full-zip sweaters for cooler days to pullover designs for warmer weather. 

But how do you choose the best brand to represent your style with so many of them out there?

We’ve put together a quick guide to some of our favorite customized hoodies that we think look great and feel even better.

These are all fantastic and reputed brands with high-quality custom products. Whether it’s a cropped hoodie, a zip-up hoodie, a sweater, or a quarter zip-up, there’s something for every style, office, event, and space. Be sure to check out the different fabric weights and fits to find the perfect one for your business or event!

Our Favorite Hoodies Pros & Cons

Hoodies are an excellent way to represent your brand, company, or event. It is no surprise that they’re one of our most popular items here at DTLA PRINT.

We selected seven custom hoodie brands that you can pick from to represent your business. Straight from our desks, these are the pros and cons of our favorite custom hoodies.  

AS Colour

Good for premium, great cut, and designed in New Zealand. 

AS Colour has been gaining popularity and a lot of traction in the industry.  It also has an impressive collection of hoodies that are comfortable, stylish, and made with quality materials.


  • Premium quality

  • Great cut and fit

  • Comfortable and stylish materials


  • Higher price point compared to some brands

AS Colour is a contemporary streetwear brand that offers a variety of customizable hoodies for both men and women. The fabric weights of their hoodies vary from 180 GSM to 320 GSM, with the majority of their hoodies falling in the middle range at 240–260 GSM. They also offer a variety of fits, including slim, regular, and oversized. In terms of style, their hoodies tend to be more understated and minimalistic, with clean lines and simple designs.


Ideal for streetwear style and is slightly more expensive.

Champion is another great option for personalized hoodies, thanks to their unique reverse weave construction. This construction method ensures that your hoodie retains its shape and doesn’t shrink over time, making it a wise investment for anyone who wants their personalized hoodie to last.


  • Hoodies retain their shape and do not shrink due to the unique reverse-weave construction.

  • The fabrics used are both comfortable and durable, ensuring that your hoodie will last a long time.

  • The designs are modern and simple, yet stylish and unique.


  • The cost is slightly higher compared to some other brands.

  • Not many color options available.

Champion is a classic athletic wear brand that has been around for over 100 years. The custom Champion hoodie is generally on the heavier side, with most falling in the range of 280–320 GSM. They come in both a standard fit and a relaxed fit, and both are made to give you plenty of room for layering. Their hoodies also feature classic Champion detailing, such as the iconic "C" logo on the chest and sleeves.


In fashion now, great for workwear, job sites, durable, long-lasting, heavyweight, and normal, more loose fit.

If you’re looking for a rugged and durable custom hoodie that can stand up to any work condition, this is an optimal choice. Carhartt has been making workwear since 1889, and their hoodies are designed to last. The materials used are heavyweight and durable, so you can be sure that your hoodie will stay looking good for a long time.


  • Heavyweight fabrics make them extremely durable.

  • The fit is looser than some other brands.

  • Carhartt’s signature designs are timeless and classic.


  • The fabric used can be a bit stiff, making them less comfortable than other brands.

  • The cost is slightly higher compared to some other brands.

Carhartt is a workwear brand known for its durable and rugged clothing. Their custom Carhartt hoodies are no exception, with most falling in the range of 280–300 GSM. They have a loose fit that is meant to make it easy to move around and put on layers. Their hoodies also feature utility-focused details, such as large pockets and reinforced extra stitching.


Great for teams, corporations, tradeshows, events, golfing events, and high-value giveaways.

Nike is one of the most well-known brands in the world, and their hoodies are some of its most popular products. Custom Nike hoodies can represent a brand in a positive since people associate them with quality, style, and comfort.


High-quality materials and construction guarantee that your hoodie will hold up to wear and tear.

The Nike swoosh logo is instantly recognizable, making it a great way to show off a company’s or team’s spirit.

Nike hoodies come in a variety of styles, from lightweight knits to heavier sweatshirts.


Nike custom hoodies can be quite expensive and put a strain on budget.

The fit of Nike hoodies can be slightly inconsistent and may not fit everyone perfectly.

Nike is a leading sports and lifestyle brand and global athletic wear powerhouse that has been around for years. Their hoodies reflect their status as leaders in the industry. The custom Nike hoodies are usually made with lightweight fabrics, ranging from 140 to 280 GSM. They come in a variety of styles and fits, including pullover hoodies, full-zip hoodies, and half-zip hoodies.

Bella Canvas

Fashion-forward, super soft, and with great unisex fits

Bella Canvas is another great choice for high-quality custom hoodies, thanks to its focus on quality and comfort. Their unisex sponge fleece pullover hoodie is ultra-soft and features durable double-needle stitching at the waistband and cuffs, making it built to last wash after wash. Its relaxed fit and kangaroo pocket design are a great way to show off your brand’s style and help make a lasting impression.


  1. Incredibly soft to the touch, making them ultra-comfortable and great for layering.

  2. The fabric used, Airlume cotton, is lightweight and breathable, perfect for any season.

  3. Hoodie style is gender-neutral, making it a great option for any staff or team member.

  4. Double-needle stitching for extra durability and long-lasting quality.


  1. Bella Canvas custom-made hoodies can be slightly more expensive than some other brands, due to their quality and comfort.

  2. The relaxed fit may not be suitable for people with shorter torso.

  3. The fabric used is a bit thinner than some other brands, so it may not hold up as well in harsher work conditions.

Bella Canvas offers a range of clothing items for both men and women. Their hoodies are available in fabric weights from 180 GSM to 320 GSM, most of them falling in the middle range at 240-260 GSM. They offer a variety of fist as well, including slim, regular, and oversized. Bella Canvas’ hoodies tend to be more fashion-forward than other brands, with trendy designs and colors that make them stand out.

Marine Layer

Great corporate personalized hoodies that are also fashionable.

Marine Layer custom hoodies are the perfect combination of style, comfort, and quality. With their signature soft fabric and relaxed fit, Marine Layer hoodies are designed to be your go-to for any occasion. From classic pullovers to modern custom zip-up hoodies, they are a great addition to any business that wants to give their employees a uniform that looks good, feels great, and lasts long.


  1. Marine Layer uses a special blend of cotton that is made to be light and soft next to the skin.

  2. With both regular and oversized hoodies, there is sure to be something for everyone.

  3. The cotton blend used in Marine Layer’s hoodies is designed to stand up to repeated wear and tear, making them a great option for uniforms or every day.


  1. Some concerns about size inclusion

  2. Compared to other brands, the custom hoodies cost tends to be high.

Marine Layer offers a range of clothing items for both men and women, including hoodies, crewnecks, sweatshirts, and more. Their hoodies come in fabric weights ranging from 200 GSM to 320 GSM, most of them falling in the middle range at 240-260. They also have a range of fits, from regular to relaxed, and the fabric is designed for comfort and durability.

The North Face

The North Face is a leading outdoor apparel company that has also been around for decades. Their customizable hoodies are made with high-quality materials and come in various styles, fits, and fabric weights. With their proprietary fleece fabric-Thermal Kinetic Advancement- these custom hoodies are designed to keep you warm while still being comfortable enough to wear all day long. Plus, they come in an array of colors, so you can find the perfect look for your team or business.


  1. Custom hoodies are made with high-quality materials that are designed to last, making them an investment piece for any wardrobe.

  2. The Thermal Kinetic Advancement fleece fabric is specially designed to provide superior warmth and breathability in varying temperatures.

  3. The hoodies also come in a variety of fits.


  1. Hoodies tend to run large, so if you’re looking for something that fits snugly, you’ll want to size down.

The North Face offers hoodies in a range of fabric weights from 180 GSM to 320 GSM, with most falling in the middle range at 240-260 GSM. They have both regular and relaxed fit options, as well as a variety of colors to choose from.

Custom Hoodies: The Best Products from Each Brand

As you can see, there are many options for custom hoodies in the market. It can be a true challenge to decide which brand is best for your staff when there are so many different styles, fits, fabrics, and colors available. At DTLA, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you and narrowed it down to the best products from each brand. We have everything you need to know when looking for a custom hoodie, from soft fabric blends and relaxed fits to modern designs and trendy colors.

AS Colour

Men's Stencil Hood Men’s Stencil Hood

This hoodie selection is made from a comfortable, lightweight cotton-poly blend, including 20% recycled polyester anti-pill fleece. The ample kangaroo pocket allows you to store small items such as keys or a wallet, while the wide logo area lets you personalize your look with a corporate name or logo.


Double Dry Eco Youth Hooded Sweatshirt Double Dry Eco Youth Hooded Sweatshirt

Constructed from a 50/50 cotton/polyester blend fabric, this hoodie offers double dry-wicking technology for long-lasting comfort and breathability without sacrificing style.


Paxton Heavyweight Hooded Sweatshirt Paxton Heavyweight Hooded Sweatshirt

An great option for businesses looking for a classic and timeless look. This hoodie provides long-lasting durability and comfort. The Paxton features two front pockets, perfect for small necessities.


Dri-FIT Stretch 1/2-Zip Cover-Up Dri-FIT Stretch 1/2-Zip Cover-Up

Made with stretchable polyester/spandex Dri-FIT fabric, and featuring a contrast collar and zipper, open cuffs, and an open hem, this cover-up is designed to perform with comfortable stretch and advanced moisture management technology.

Bella + Canvas

Unisex Hooded Pullover Sweatshirt Unisex Hooded Pullover Sweatshirt

The comfy side seam, retail fit hoodie with a 6.5 oz., 60/40 combed and ringspun cotton/polyester blend, 30 singles, is designed with comfort and style in mind. The front pouch pocket completes a comfortable look.

Marine Layer

Men's Afternoon Hoodie Men’s Afternoon Hoodie

This signature sustainable fabric blend of 50% Supima cotton and 50% micromodal will keep you cozy and comfortable all year. The fabric is not only eco-friendly but also pre-washed and pre-shrunk for easy care. Front pouch pocket for extra comfort and style.

Making sure your Custom Hoodie Fabric and Fit are Perfect

The fabric weight of custom hoodies is an important factor to consider when shopping for one. Different weights offer different amounts of warmth, breathability, and durability, so it’s important to choose the right fabric for your needs. Generally speaking, lighter fabrics are better at providing breathability, while heavier ones provide more warmth.

Different hoodie fits

Make sure you select a fit that allows for easy movement, while still providing enough warmth and comfort. For example, a relaxed fit offers more room and comfort but may be less warm than a regular or slim-fit hoodie.

Whether you’re looking for warmth, comfort, or a classic look – there are plenty of options available to make sure you get it right. 

Printing and embroidery methods

Hoodies can be customized through two techinques: printing and embroidery. When creating a custom hoodie, many aspects must be taken into account to consider the printing or embroidery technique that will produce optimal results. 

How often will the staff wear the hoodie?

Will they be used outside work context?

What’s the weather like where you are at?

If you combine the right printing or embroidery techniques, your logo or design will be on point and work for a long time. 

There are several methods to customize hoodies with printing, for example. The techniques used include screen printing, digital printing, and heat transfer. Screen printing is the most popular choice for companies with their own hoodies, thanks to the vivid colors, intricate images, and sharper lines. On the other side, digital printing creates colors that are more accurate and vibrant, while heat transfer makes customized hoodies easier to create. 

A custom embroidered hoodie is also a great option to add a personalized design. Custom embroidery is done using high-quality thread and fabric that creates a luxurious, stylish look. You can easily also add logos, text, or any other design you want to custom-embroidered hoodies.

Cropped hoodies vs zip-up hoodies vs sweater vs quarter zip ups

Zip-up hoodies and quarter zip-up sweatshirts offer similar levels of style and warmth. They do, however, have some key differences to consider when creating the perfect personalized hoodie for your staff or preparing for your event.

Quarter-zip-ups usually have a shorter zipper, which lets them breathe better while still keeping the elements out. Zip-up hoodies are made with a full zipper and usually have a drawstring hood that can be adjusted.

Additionally, the quarter zip design offers more stylish options in terms of layering pieces and custom hoodie design.

Depending on your company’s needs, cropped hoodies and custom sweatshirts are both stylish pieces that can be worn for a variety of occasions. Cropped hoodies feature a cropped length, often hitting just above the waist, and typically have an adjustable drawstring hood. Sweaters, on the other hand, tend to have a longer fit and do not have a hood.

Additionally, sweaters offer more warmth than cropped hoodies due to their longer length.

Frequently Asked Questions

Haven’t found what you are looking for? Send us a message and let’s get started!

No matter what brand or hoodie design you choose, you can add a logo or other design to your own hoodie to make it unique. Most brands offer both printing and embroidery options for customization. Printing is often less expensive than embroidery, but embroidery may last longer because it can stand up to being washed more.

Arguably, the most important decision when choosing personalized hoodies is the fabric. Different types of fabrics will provide different levels of warmth, breathability, and comfort. Generally, lighter-weight fleece fabrics are best for warmer climates, while heavier-weight materials may be more suitable for colder weather. It really depends on your specific needs and location.

Yes, these personalized hoodies are true to size! Each brand offers a variety of fits as well as fabric weights, so you can find the perfect hoodie for your style and climate. You won’t be disappointed!

For a professional environment, we’d recommend going with a more subtle style, such as the AS Colour Men’s Stencil Hood or the Champion Double Dry Eco Youth Hooded Sweatshirt. The lightweight fabric blends and loose fits of these hoodies make them comfortable and stylish.

Yes, some custom hoodies can shrink when washed and dried. To avoid this, it is best to wash it on cold and dry it on low heat, or simply hang it to dry. Always make sure to read the care label before washing or drying your hoodie!

It all depends on the type of fabric, but generally speaking, you should avoid using bleach or harsh detergents and instead opt for a gentle cleaner. It is also best to wash your hoodie inside out to minimize wear and tear.

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