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Foil Screen Printing

Not your typical foils

Make Merch People Actually Want to Wear

Custom Foil Screen Print Merch

Foil screen printing takes your project to the next level! DTLA Print stocks the a large and unique section of textile foils for the creative industries. Our foils include the standard gold and silver foils but include holographic and iridescent foils as well. We have over 150+ different foils including custom patterns (available with 10k linear yard order) and a few pre-designed patterns included below.

Our foils are specifically developed for custom apparel and can be applied with either a eco-friendly water-based ink based adhesive or the traditional oil based adhesive.

alo yoga foil print

The Advantages & Disadvantages of Foil Printed T-Shirts


Luxurious Touch: Foils allows for the creation of stunning and visually striking designs. The metallic foil adds a touch of elegance and luxury to the printed materials, making them stand out and attract attention.

Customizability: Foils offers great flexibility in terms of design customization. It allows for the creation of intricate and detailed designs, including fine lines, small text, and complex patterns. The wide range of available foil colors also allows for customization to match specific branding requirements.

Enhanced Perceived Value: The addition of foil detailing can significantly enhance the perceived value of a product or printed material. The shiny and reflective nature of foil creates a sense of quality and craftsmanship, which can positively impact a consumer’s perception and willingness to pay for the item.


Very Specific Look: Foil screen printing is primarily used for metallic and reflective finishes. While there is a wide range of metallic foil colors available, it may not provide the same color variety as other printing methods like digital or traditional screen printing. This limitation may be a drawback for projects requiring a broader color spectrum.

Production Time: Foils typically requires additional setup and production time compared to simpler printing techniques. The process involves multiple steps, including screen preparation, adhesive application, and foil transfer. As a result, the overall production time may be longer, particularly for large-scale or time-sensitive projects.


Foils Care Tips

  • Machine wash cold – delicate cycle
  • Wash garment inside out
  • Washer temperature settings: cold / cold
  • Detergent: Use typical Tide / all detergents
  • Drying: Line or air dry only


Foil Screen Print Gallery

Screen Print Foil vs Flock Screen Printing

Foil printing and custom flock screen printing are two distinct techniques that offer different visual and tactile effects.

Foil screen printing creates a metallic, shiny, and reflective finish, adding a luxurious and eye-catching element to the design. The foil layer adheres to the substrate, resulting in a smooth and flat surface. 

On the other hand, flock screen printing produces a soft, textured, and velvet-like finish. It adds a tactile and three-dimensional effect to the design, creating a unique sensory experience.

Although the comparison of these two unique services might seem unlikely at first, it is understandable. Both services are highly uncommon, equally alone and in combination with other services. If you’re still feeling unsure of which service would work better for an upcoming project, request a call with an account rep to learn more. 

foil print


flock print


Custom Foil Printing

Frequently Asked Questions

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The foil screen print application process is very similar to the custom flocking screen printing process. An adhesive is applied then the foil finally it is cured at a high temperature to ensure the adhesive binds to the custom t-shirt.   

We recommend washing the garments with cold water and hanging to dry. For best results wash the garment inside out so the foils do not rub up against the machine walls or other rougher garments which can nick the foils off.


Do not iron or dry clean the foils as the heat will activate the adhesive and the foil with flake off.

A 15-20% loss of gloss or color brilliance is typical even after the first wash how ever foils should remain intact if washed properly.

We have the machinery to print entire garments. Standard foil area is 15×18″ however feel free to get creative, we can go up to 33×43″.
Please note that the cost does significantly increase over 15×18″.

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Patches: 25 pieces minimum

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