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Custom 3M Reflective Screen Printing

Custom Reflective Screen Printing and Transfers

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Reflective Printing and Transfers in Los Angeles

What is Reflective Printing?

Ordinarily, custom reflective shirts are associated with sports and public safety. Screen printing with reflective ink greatly expands the potential applications of this technology. Our 3M reflective screen printing and transfers add a brilliant, distinct touch to any garment, and we can provide this service with the utmost quality, precision, and detail to ensure your products are a cut above the rest.

Pro Tip: Although, technically the classic reflective silver is the main color approved or manufactured by 3M. We are able to produce color reflective ink in any color with a minimum order of 250 units.  We suggest you reach out to an account rep for a full run down of the ordering process for this unique service

How Does Reflective Print work?

Custom reflective printed shirts work using Retro-reflective Technology. Retro-reflection involves tiny beads in the ink covering a surface. When light hits these beads the light is reflected directly back to its source, and very little elsewhere. To put it simply, there are 100s of little mirrors fused to your customized t-shirt, just like when you sign a light into a mirror, the light bounces.

This unique service has numerous applications beyond custom t-shirt printing – it is a very practical solution for safety materials and is seen on street signs and other traffic objects to reflect headlights directly back to the driver. Bicyclists and people who work on the road (and other precarious workplaces) also make the most of this technology.

Custom Reflective Shirts Made with Official 3M Material

We use official 3m 8010 reflective ink for the highest quality reflective prints. This is ideal for screen printing on polyester fabrics. The ink shows up grey with a matte finish when dry, and reflects a bright white with light shone directly on the fabric. This plastisol based ink is designed to be used on absorbent fabric for sturdy, multi-purpose garments.

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A Simple Guide to Reflective Printing on Clothing

Although, 3M reflective printing looks quite different from standard screen printing generally speaking its very similar. We can screen print 3M reflective inks on hoodies, t-shirts, sweaters, as well as numerous fabrics including reflective printing on denim, cotton, fleece, polyester, spandex, as well as many of the other fabrics.

Reflective printing is available for most soft services, we even offer custom reflective tote bags! The only limitation to custom reflective printing is hats. Unfortunately, at this time we are unable to print on hats. 

The thick nature of hoodies makes the perfect canvas for 3M reflective printing. It is a great option wether you’re looking for providing your employees with a safe garment or looking to make a stricking fashion statement! 

Protect your team with custom 3M reflective print jackets & vests. We produce high quality long lasting prints that make perfect employee gifts or team uniforms. 

Reflective Apparel Maintenance

For washable products, we would recommend printing on absorbent fabric, such as cotton and polyester, to get the most out of the screen printed reflective ink.

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How This Process Works

Your account rep will work with our teams to review each and every order by triple checking all details and artwork for accuracy and optimal print quality. You will receive a free full creative proof for your approval before we proceed to production.


Your order is triple checked by our team prior to production and before shipment
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Custom 3M Reflective Screen Printing

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Receive Full Order Proofs And Eliminate Errors.

Receive Full Order Proofs And Eliminate Errors. img

Reflective Screen Printing

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, we only use authentic 3M reflective inks for high visibility.
Yes, while we do use the authentic 3M brand reflective inks, we also offer our 3M reflective transfers which has a higher visibility rate than the direct to fabric version as we are able to add a thicker layer of ink to allow for more reflection.
Yes, we do offer samples as well as pre-production samples prior to placing a full production run and we highly recommend ordering them.

3M reflective print garments should be washed in accordance with the manufacturer’s washing instructions – no special instructions, although we do recommend washing them inside out. In order to protect the longevity of the garment’s brightness we advise spot-cleaning until washing is totally necessary. 

There is no detail loss when printing reflective inks, however, gradients and photographic images will not print as smoothly as standard inks.