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Apparel Branding & Finishing Services

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A-Z Finishing Services

Custom finishing services are the final touch on fully customizable garments and apparel to shipping directly to stores we can handle it all. A few of our finishing services include label printing, label sewing, hem tag sewing, hang tag attachments, fold and poly bag services, and shipping directly to the retailers of your choice.

custom finishings

Finishing Services Gallery

DTLA Print has an in house finishing department in its facility with trained individuals to professionally fold and bag your garments. Bags can be provided with customizable options how ever we use a 1 mill flat poly bag which can be air sealed or taped shut.
Label prints are a great way to add extra value as well as get creative to promote your brand and business. When we remove the existing label we can re-label the t-shirts with your custom artwork inside the neck label. Popular items to include here are your logo, website, care/wash instructions, country of origin, and of course any artwork or text you would like to add! Can be printed in any one color as well!
Add a size sticker to the outside of each garment or poly bag to easily identify the size of a garment. Packages do come separated by size how ever many retailers and fulfillment centers do require these stickers.
Quality Materials Applied with Care

Chenille Patches

DTLA Print offers an extensive range of custom high-quality chenille patches, providing you with various options for either sewing them on or applying them via a heat press. Chenille patches, celebrated for their thickness and plush texture, are a popular choice for custom varsity letterman jackets, and they proudly represent different facets of athletic and school spirit. From high fashion enthusiasts to varsity athletes, musicians, and fine arts enthusiasts, our sew-on chenille patches cater to a diverse range of interests and styles. With our Los Angeles headquarters ready to assist you, we can ensure a seamless process from start to finish, continuously collaborating with you to deliver a final result that you can be truly proud of.

white chenille patch
Labels, Tags, and Transfers

Woven & Printed Labels

Custom woven labels can provide a professionally branded look to your custom printed and embroidered garments. DTLA Print has a variety of labeling methods, to ensure that the label is the most appropriate for your particular situation.

Quality Materials Applied with Care

Embroidered Patches

DTLA Print offers a variety of custom patches, including custom embroidered patches and woven patches. These patches can be either sewn on or conveniently applied via a heat press. With our wholesale woven patches, you can showcase intricate designs with a lightweight backing, providing a sophisticated touch. On the other hand, embroidered patches are ideal for simpler designs, ensuring a sturdy and durable end product that will complement your custom printed apparel.

Moreover, we are equipped to handle various applications for custom patches, and our Los Angeles headquarters is ready to assist you in processing and placing orders of any quantity. Throughout the entire process, we collaborate closely with you, ensuring that the final result is something you can truly take pride in.

woven cash app patch
casamigos patch
Economical Procedure

Straight Cut Label Removal

The process of removing a label via a straight cut is the cheapest and most economical option. Additionally, in our finishing department, we would cut the label out of the neck area and carefully pull as much thread from between the seams as possible. By doing so, you have the freedom to either sew in your own custom label or opt for screen printing or heat transferring your label, thus adding a personalized touch to your garments.

Technically Perfect

Premium Label Removal Services

This version of the label removal is almost twice as expensive but leaves the garment with no imperfections. Our finishing department would un-sew the seam area and entirely remove the existing label. At this point prior to sewing the neck seam back up, we can either sew it shut, or insert your own label to make the garment look like it was cut & sewn custom completely for you. When working with higher end boutiques and steeper price points this is the option we recommend. Leaves no trace of the product being manufactured by some one else or that you are using blank garments.
poly bags
Industry Standard

Professional Fold + Poly Bag

DTLA Print has an in house finishing department in its facility with trained individuals to professionally fold and bag your garments. Bags can be provided with customizable options how ever we use a 1 mill flat poly bag which can be air sealed or taped shut.

Unique Styles Tags

Premium Pinned Hang Tags

Incorporating price tickets and hang tags securely with a pin, while offering a diverse array of sizes, colors, and finishes, significantly enhances the perceived quality and overall appeal of your garment. Additionally, not only elevate the garment’s perceived value but also provide essential product information, giving your customers a more informed and satisfying shopping experience.

Retail Ready Tags

Tagging Gun Hang Tags

Efficiently and economically enhance your garments by utilizing a plastic tagging gun to attach hang tags and price tickets. Our skilled team ensures that these tags are seamlessly placed in available seams to prevent any damage, ensuring a smooth removal process for the end-users. With this professional approach, your products will exude a polished and sophisticated presentation, leaving a lasting positive impression on your customers.

Fashion Forward

Rolled Sleeve Cuffs

Fashion is all about staying up to date and being first to market with the latest trends. Moreover, we now offer rolled sleeves on any of our available short sleeve garments for an added fee. These options include 1 or 2 rolls, and the sleeve cuffs are tacked for extra security and longevity. By providing this additional customization feature, we aim to cater to your unique style preferences, ensuring that you are both on-trend and comfortable in our fashionable garments.

Receive Full Order Proofs And Eliminate Errors.

Receive Full Order Proofs And Eliminate Errors. img

Finishing Services

Frequently Asked Questions

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Because DTLA Print focuses on bulk ordering, we do not offer drop shipping. We do offer A-Z fulfillment services which is similar but customer orders must be placed before we produce the merch.

With drop shipping every time an order is placed the garment is produced and then sent to the customer. Fulfillment orders are all produced at one time and then send individually packaged shipments directly to your customers.

Fulfillment is a great option for a brand just starting out. If you don’t yet have warehouse space or the manpower to individually pack or ship your custom merch. DTLA Print acts as a team of project managers and assistant to help get your product produced and to clients on time. 

Right now we take fulfillment orders on a case by case basis. If you want to learn more reach out to one of our account reps! 

Although we do offer a wide range of services we focus on producing custom merch. If youre interested in relabeling the garment must be customized in some manner. 

Because we are a custom merch company, we cannot produce hang tags for garments we did not customize in some manner. 

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A 100 piece minimum is needed for an account rep to handle your order.

For online orders

Screen Printing: 25 pieces minimum
Embroidery: 25 pieces minimum
Water-based Transfers: 1 piece minimum
Direct-to-Garment: 1 piece minimum
Patches: 25 pieces minimum

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