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After years of working solely with large brand apparel names, DTLA Print saw a need for quality screen printing, amazing service, and reliable craftsmanship. DTLA Print opened to the public in 2009 and has been providing high quality custom t-shirts, screen printing, digital printing, and finishing services ever since. We work with Creative Marketing & Branding Agencies, Advertising Agencies, Apparel Brands, Promotional Products, and many more industries across the US. We operate out of Downtown Los Angeles and produce everything in house to be able to offer the low wholesale prices we do. We will never sacrifice quality for price. All materials and inks we purchase are from top brand names who manufacture out of Japan, Italy, and the US to guarantee a long lasting quality garment.

All our silk screen printing, digital printing, sublimation & finishing services is done in-house to assure the highest quality control & consistency possible.
We strive to prove that Not All Prints Are Created Equal™.

We believe in the power of transparency and communication. We have spent thousands of hours to get our printing and product prices online in a customizable way. Our prices don’t change each week you call for the same thing

We specialize in custom t-shirt printing in Los Angeles and offer 3 methods. Silk screen t-shirt printing, DTG (Digital T-Shirt Printing), and embroidery. We constantly research and test the newest inks and fabrics available to stay environmentally friendly and provide high quality custom printed t-shirts. Each industry and project requires its own needs, we help to pass the years of knowledge and experience to you. Whether its water-based inks, tri-blend fabrics, or issues to keep an eye out for in production we are here to help.

DTLA Print offers more than custom t-shirt screen printing, take a look at our services page or send us an email and we would love to talk further!

Boutique Style

Feel free to take a visual walk through of our facilities. Explore the main lobby, consultation room, screen printing area, cutting and sample factory, shipping warehouse and much more. If you would like to make an appointment to tour the facilities in person, take a moment to contact us. We’re here to make your screen printing experience unforgettable.


    Bring us a challenge. We love developing new printing techniques pioneering new print methods and take on jobs other printers can‘t handle.


    DTLA Print believes in quality over quantity and we want our customers to feel the same way.


    Each client job and project is unique and requires it‘s own process. Depending on the market industry and desired product we will customize the inks and process for each order.


    We have an intimate understanding of how fabrics wash and the manufacturing process takes place with all different types of printing.


    We value all of our clients and ensure everything is set up and properly executed to solidify a long term relationship.


    Our main goal is to provide peace of mind so you can relax and have confidence that your job will come out exactly as you had imagined.



We live and work with integrity in our mission to provide quality products. We have our values and do our best to live everyday with that in mind.


We keep our promises and will not over commit ourselves. Your business means we will not give false expectations.


A clean, detailed, and organized lifestyle is the only way we can work and live with joy. Feel confident knowing your are in the hands of organized professionals.


We treat all our employees and clients with respect and compassion. We believe we are all a team and an integral part of this company.


We strive to openly speak our truths with honesty and clarity. Our want is to be as transparent and honest as we can.


We love to feel connected with our clients, community, and families. These important elements in our daily lives keep our passion & quality on point!
DTLA Print

In 100 Words

A young man once searched for a reliable screen printer.
Calling and visiting all the printers in Los Angeles.
Why did their prices change every time he called?
Why did they use cheap, harmful inks that felt rough and faded after one wash?
Why did they take so long to respond and how did they always mess up his order?
Why was it so hard to deliver orders on time?
Enough was enough…

DTLA Print was created, to provide helpful service,
simple streamlined ordering & eco-friendly options.
A company with transparent prices & ethics, a company who aims to
create good things.




photo screen printing
Crack Ink
Available in both water based and discharge inks. The ink actually cracks in pieces the way you want it to so no two piece will be alike. Great for vintage washed out looks while still brand new. This is custom silk screen printing at its best.
spot color screen printing
Burn Out
Burnout is a special screen printing process we use to removes the cotton fibers from a shirt, leaving only the polyester intact. It’s perfect if you want to give your T-shirt designs that really cool see-through look.
photo screen printing
Water Based Ink
Well known for their soft feel and vibrant colors they produce when printed onto t-shirts and other textiles. When printed water based inks leave no hand feel behind so you can feel the fibers of the garment.
spot color screen printing
Silk Screen T-shirt printing with plastisol is the oldest and most commonly used ink across the market to screen print your custom t shirts. The misconception how ever is that all inks are the same.
photo screen printing
Eco Friendly Inks + Screen Prints are the true green alternative to screen printing. These inks replace traditional harmful inks and are 100% PVC and phthalate free.
spot color screen printing
Stretch Ink
Mostly used for athletic/activewear fabrics such as nylons, spandex, polyesters, rayons, lycra, that have a lot of stretch but can also be screen printed on other blends for different textures. These inks will make your prints stretch with the fabric and do not create cracks or creases when stretched. These should be printed on all sports jerseys, yoga apparel, athletic uniforms, and activewear.
photo screen printing
3M Reflective
We offer the 3M reflective ink prints as well as a standard reflective print that come in either a waterbase (eco-friendly) or plastisol-based ink with the unique ability to reflect once a light source is aimed at the print. Popular uses for this new ink includes police departments, fire departments, E.M.S., and other safety professions. Has recently become extremely popular in the skate, surf, urban, and street apparel industries.
spot color screen printing
Puff Inks
Inks that expands and rises when heated, giving a three dimensional look, with a raised feel. Any los angeles t-shirt printer can buy inks and print them, but the real beauty and art of screen printing on t-shirts comes when you can mix inks correctly and accurately. Controlling how the puff inks actually puff is one example.
spot color screen printing
High Density Inks
Perfect for create custom silk screened T-shirts right here in Los Angeles. High Density inks can be matched to any color and raise in the drying process to create a 3D look. Inks can be raised to your desired height or width and can be printed with other high density inks of different sizes.
We are now accepting payments via cryptocurrencies . 10% off All Orders Placed Online Through 2022. Code: DTLA10