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Carmel Towel Company

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Carmel Towel Company Custom Towels

Adorn your brand with custom Carmel Towel Company towels, expertly embroidered or screen-printed by DTLA Print. Known for their exceptional quality and durability, Carmel Towel Company towels are the perfect canvas for showcasing your logo or design. Adding a touch of personalization to these towels can make a lasting impression on your customers or clients, and create a sense of brand loyalty. With DTLA Print’s high-quality customization options, you can take your business to the next level and create a memorable experience for your customers. Order your custom Carmel Towel Company towels today!

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Carmel Towel Company

About the Brand

Carmel Towel Company

The Carmel Towel Company was founded in 1999 by two excited Sea Otters named Terry and Velour (which is French for “My fur is magnificent”). The tale of how they first met is a fascinating one. When Velour was relocated from her native aquarium off the coast of France to an aquarium in the seaside city of Fargo, North Dakota, Terry and Velour first caught each other’s gaze. It was love at first sight when they first met each other. Every afternoon for lunch, Terry brought Velour a starfish and three sardines because he was charmed. Their love for one another increased over the wonderful winter, but they yearned for more. They desired to quit the aquarium and start their own business. They came up with a strategy to leave the aquarium after giving it some thought and consulting a walrus. After their fortunate escape, they continued to swim.
Finally, Terry and Velour chose a rock along Ocean Avenue in Carmel, California. They believed it would be the ideal location for their business.

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