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Custom Woven Labels

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Custom Neck Tags for Clothing

Custom woven labels for clothing don’t just help your custom know where they got their product from, they also help you build brand legitimacy. Relabeling is done by your favorite companies and theres no reason why you shouldn’t too. DTLA Print offers a wide range of fabrics and fold options so you can customize your woven label to match your company’s specific needs.

Pro Tip: Custom woven labels take your garment to the next level. Metallic thread or a vivid neon thread to add a dimensional effect to your custom woven label in addition to exuding a feeling of luxury 

custom woven label

Custom Woven Labels Gallery

custom woven clothing label

Custom Clothing Tags

Custom clothing tags are not one size fits all, they come in many shapes and sizes. The shape that is right for you will depend on the indented use of the tag. The 4 main tag varieties are: 

Hem & sleeve labels are most commonly used for showcasing your logo as a gentle way of building brand awareness. Neck labels are intended to be very clear so your custom can easily find your brand. Care labels are pretty self explanatory, they go on the inner seam of your custom garment to ensure your customer properly cares for the garment. If youre unsure which tags are needed for your project, ask one of our friendly account reps!

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Custom Woven Label Placement

Figuring out the label best for you depends on the garment you are looking to have labeled. The most popular attachment placements for custom clothing tags are:  

  • Straight Edge: Design on one side, simplest option sew in flat, most commonly sewn into back of neck of a t-shirt.
  • Center Fold: Folded rectangular cut, allows for two sides of design. Often put on neck or interior side of garment as care label.
  • Loop Fold– Similar to center fold but folded the opposite way. Often found on exterior side of a garment.

If you need guidance in finding out what custom woven clothing label would be best for your project, reach out to one of our friendly account reps! We have over a decade of experience and are ready to assist in navigating the options.

custom woven labels
custom woven label

Types of Folds for Custom Clothing Tags

Most Popular Ways to Sew on a Woven Label

custom woven label

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How This Process Works

Your account rep will work with our teams to review each and every order by triple checking all details and artwork for accuracy and optimal print quality. You will receive a free full creative proof for your approval before we proceed to production.


Your order is triple checked by our team prior to production and before shipment
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  • Upload artwork file(s) as well as any special instructions
  • Your artwork is checked for optimal quality and resolution
  • Your account rep will review & guide you through the rest
  • Once approved, we’ll begin your order

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  • Lead the pack in your industry with employees and customers that actually want to wear your merch
custom woven label

Tips on Ordering Custom Woven Labels

Custom woven clothing labels are a simple way to boost your custom merch’s perceived value. Especially for brands just starting out, final touches like woven labels care a great way to wow customers. Before moving forward on ordering custom labels, our team of account reps came up with some helpful tips:

  1. Make sure you leave a bleed for the label to either be folded or inserted
  2. Always order a sample
  3. Avoid adding sizes to woven labels. Forecasting your demand is difficult and having the sizes on each label can produce inventory issues down the road
  4. Ask your account rep to check your artwork for appropriate line weights & thicknesses

What Material is Right for Your Custom Woven Labels?

  • Polyester: Polyester woven labels are a popular choice due to their durability, flexibility, and ability to retain color and shape after repeated washing. It is widely used in various industries, including clothing, textiles and accessories.
  • Cotton: Cotton woven labels are made of natural fiber known for its softness and breathability.  
  • Nylon: Nylon woven labels are a synthetic material known for its strength and resilience. It is often used in woven labels that require high durability , such as those for outdoor gear, safetywear, sportswear, or products that undergo heavy use
  • Satin: Satin labels are a smooth and glossy fabric woven from silk, polyester, or a blend of fibers and the most comfortable of them all. Commonly used for labels that require a luxurious or high-end appearance, such as in designer clothing or high-quality products.
  • Damask: Damask labels are a type of fabric characterized by its intricate woven patterns. Damask labels are known for their high-quality look and feel and are often used for branding purposes in the fashion industry.
  • Taffeta: Taffeta labels are lightweight, crisp, with a smooth texture. It is commonly used for woven labels that require a more refined and polished appearance, such as in formal wear or luxury products.
Pistol Lake white woven label next to a blue and green Balware woven label

Woven Labels

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Custom Woven Labels

Frequently Asked Questions

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It is up to what works best for your garment and budget but, a well made woven label can be make the garment fully yours. Custom woven labels to some might seem like a small detail but customer notice those small details.

We offer both cotton woven labels and a poly/cotton blend labels.

2×2 or 2×3 are our most popular woven label sizes.

The process is super easy, send us your design in PSD, PDF or AI and our team will take it from there. 

Absolutely, we always send digital proofs for all our various services. 

Neck Labels will depend on your desired result but generally between 1” and 3.5” is standard although we can go larger for a more expensive look. To learn more and get a quote, reach out to one of our account reps. 

An RN number given out by the FTC to help track companies that produce, manufacture or distribute textiles. They help establish credibility but are not necessary unless your business’ annual gross is in the 6 figures. 

We can help you produce as well as apply them, if you’d like to apply them yourself we can help with that as well
Most importantly, it builds brand awareness and tells customers how to find garments in the future.  They also let customers know how to wash it, what fabric its made of, and how to care for it.
Our minimums start at 100 pcs per design.

Receive Full Order Proofs And Eliminate Errors.

Receive Full Order Proofs And Eliminate Errors. img