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Flocking Screen Printing

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Elevate Your Brand with Custom Flocking

We offer the traditional electrostatic method of flocking using eco-friendly waterbased adhesives. Flocking screen printing can add a new dimension to your materials. Tiny particles of fiber are applied to a material with an adhesive, adding a suede-like or velvet texture to the surface. We color the fiber according to your designs, and you end up with products that stand out from the rest.

While most are unfamiliar with the process of flocking as a decorating technique, you may be familiar with the texture. It has been used to add fuzzy numbers to sporting apparel, but flocking can be applied to a wide variety of garments and materials for a professional appearance. We specialize in adding a superior level of quality and detail to our flocking, done right here in sunny downtown Los Angeles.

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Insider Tip: Does your company have specific colors? All we need is a Pantone number and we are able to match that color to your custom flock print using PMS

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Superior Custom Flock Printing

We pride ourselves on our extensive efforts to provide premium quality work – above quantity, above savings – and your project will be taken care of with nothing less! Visit our products page to start your order. You can give us all of the details, from the placement of the design you submit, to the number of colors, to any finishing touches such as bags, tags, and more. We will keep constant communication and continually provide updates until the finished product exceeds your standards.

What is Custom Flock Printing?

Flocking, also known as flock screen printing, is a specialized process that involves the application of color, adhesive, and small fiber particles, commonly referred to as flock, onto a variety of apparel surfaces, such as t-shirts. This technique is highly effective in adding a plush, velvety texture to garments, which can significantly enhance their overall look and feel

Precision is Key

How Does Custom Flock Printing Work?

Unlike traditional ink-based printing methods, flocking involves the printing of adhesive onto fabrics, with the flock fibers being evenly distributed across the adhesive. During this process, the fabric undergoes an electrostatic field that causes each fiber to stand upright, ensuring that the tips of the fibers are embedded into the adhesive. This allows for precise control over the placement and density of the flock fibers, resulting in a highly detailed and visually appealing finished product.

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Manual Flocking vs Transfer Flocking: What Is The Best Method for Fiber Flocking?

Manual flocking involves applying adhesive ink directly onto a surface and then using an electrostatic machine to spray small fibers, or flock, onto the wet adhesive. The fibers stand upright and embed into the adhesive, creating a velvety texture

Transfer flocking, on the other hand, involves applying adhesive to a transfer paper, which is then heat pressed onto the material. The flock fibers transfer onto the adhesive and bond to the material upon cooling. 

Flocking transfers can be an economical option for those seeking a low-cost solution, however, the lower quality of the end result can be apparent. As a result, DTLA Print chooses not to offer flocking transfers in order to maintain a focus on delivering the highest quality services to our clients.

Precision is Key

Common Uses for Custom Flock Printing ​

Flocking, with its versatile and durable qualities, is a fitting choice for a wide variety of projects, particularly for items that are subjected to frequent wear and tear. The clientele for flock printing includes sports and dance teams, corporate, contract and retail workers, online fulfillment services,  among others. Common applications for flocking include t-shirts, hoodies, and tote bags.

Pro Tip: Mixed media can take your merch from mid to marvelous. The options are nearly limitless, connect with an account rep to learn about past projects.

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Custom Flocking Screen Printing

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Receive Full Order Proofs And Eliminate Errors. img

Flocking Screen Printing

Frequently Asked Questions

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As the flocking fiber is attached to the garment with adhesive, it is less likely to flake off. Nonetheless, it is recommended to handle it with care like any other customized garment. It is suggested to wash the garment inside out on a gentle cycle with cold water and air dry to ensure the longevity of the design. In case you choose to use a dryer, it is advisable to tumble dry inside out on a low setting. When in doubt, follow the manufacturer’s washing instructions.

Flocking fiber is a versatile material that can serve a variety of purposes. Flocking fiber is be utilized in the production of custom merchandise, such as hats, tote bags, hoodies, and more. Additionally, it can be used in packaging to enhance the sensory experience by adding a soft, velvety texture to product packaging, such as jewelry boxes and perfume bottles. 

Believe it or not we are able to custom PMS match any flocking color within a 3-5% tolerance.

At our facility, we offer an extensive range of color options for custom flocking that can exceed your expectations. While choosing the colors for your project, we usually suggest sticking to one or two colors. However, if you prefer more colors, it can be done. Please note that using more colors may increase the complexity of the process, resulting in higher costs.

At the moment gradients and halftones are unable to be flocked; we would recommend ordering a sample to confirm as each design will be different. A minimum line weight of 2mm is suggested.

Flocking is made of small fiber particles, also known as flock, that are applied onto a surface using a specialized adhesive. The fibers can be made from a range of natural or synthetic materials, including cotton, rayon, nylon, or polyester. The specific type of material used can impact the texture, color, and overall appearance of the flocking.

Flocking fiber and flocking powder are both materials used in the flocking process, but they have different properties and applications.


Flocking fiber is made up of tiny strands of natural or synthetic materials, such as cotton, rayon, nylon, or polyester, that are deposited onto a surface using an adhesive. Flocking fibers are often longer and more flexible than flocking powder, which allows them to create a softer and more textured surface.


Flocking powder, on the other hand, is made up of small particles of nylon or rayon that are applied to a surface using electrostatic charge. The particles are much smaller than flocking fibers, which allows for more precise and intricate designs.