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Under Armour

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Under Armour + Your Custom Logo on Hats, Backpacks & Jackets

Fierce and fearless, Under Armour is a brand that screams performance. Customizing their apparel with DTLA Print means your business can embody that same tenacity. With a reputation for creating clothing that can handle anything, from intense workouts to harsh weather, custom Under Armour is the perfect fit for your brand. Whether you’re running a gym, a sports team, or just want to look good while staying active, Under Armour has you covered. So why not make it your own? With DTLA Print, you can add your logo or artwork to custom Under Armour apparel and show off your brand’s strength and resilience.

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Under Armour

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Under Armour

About the Brand

Under Armour

The mission of Under Armour is to inspire you with performance products you didn’t know you needed but can’t live without. They want to give those who aim higher more authority. Being superior to everyone else in terms of strength, attention, and performance is Under Armour’s obsession.

Custom Under Armour Shirts, Hoodies, & Backpacks

Under Armour Overview

Founded in 1995 by Kevin Plan in his grandmother’s basement in Washington DC, Under Armour is now one of the leading providers of sports equipment. It was Plank’s personal interest and background in sports that lead to him creating perfectly engineered clothing for sports. He started off by designing superior quality t-shirts that wouldn’t sweat as much as the more conventional cotton ones, keeping the wearer comfortable no matter how intense the heat.

With his investment in research and development, Plank and Under Armour were able to come up with lightweight t-shirts that were built from microfibers designed to keep athletes cool, dry, and performing to the max. Like any successful entrepreneur, Plank was not afraid of taking risks. It is this desire to disrupt the industry that led him to create a brand that is now competing with the big guns like Nike and Adidas.

But like any other successful brand, what really guaranteed that Under Amour would become a household name was the series of partnerships it landed in the early 2000s. In 1999, Warner bros contracted UA to create outfits for two of their upcoming football movies – Oliver Stone’s Any Given Sunday and The Replacements. This was followed by their first television commercial in 2003, which sealed their position as a force to be reckoned with in the NFL.

These days, UA is known for making some of the world’s most innovative sports performance wear. They make apparel, as well as accessories and equipment – with many of them available here at DTLA Print for customization.

How Under Armour compares to their competitors

Today, Under Armour is known for creating moisture-wicking sports apparel that keep athletes cool and dry while they exercise. The stretchable, lightweight clothing is considered by many to be superior to its competition, with Nike, Adidas, Lululemon all trying to emulate a similar engineering for their performance gear.

Due to the nature of the fabric and its durability, UA has quickly become a favorite for runners and gymgoers. This is the real competitive edge for the brand and their recent collaboration with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has further stamped their authority on social media and with the Gen-Z. Some of their other notable collaborations include Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry and Cam Newton. The way they snatched the basketball star Stephen Curry from Nike is quite notable. This deal happened when Nike spelled Curry’s name wrong during a presentation, paving way for the NBA star to sign with the Under Armour brand.

Being one of the youngest brands out there, UA has been on the rise for over two decades now. Along with being a popular brand in football, it is now also much recognized by basketball and baseball stars. Not only does Under Armour offer top quality products; but they also come at a very competitive price point – giving a real touch time to the other, more established brands. There is also the element of being the disruptor that makes it an attractive choice for many consumers.

Here at DTLA Print, we get a lot of orders for custom Under Armour shirts, hoodies, and backpacks, because this brand confidently applies its own technology to its products, offering exceptional comfort, breathability, and support.

Under Armour Shirts

Whether you are looking for the ultimate comfort in performance shirts to wear on a run or something that is extremely breathable while cross-training, Under Armour fits the bill. Once you run in an Under Armour performance shirt, you will never go back to an old cotton t-shirt. Moreover, these shirts come in a variety of vibrant colors, that are unapologetically bold. The soft fabric of their HexDelta shirts will make you want to have every intense workout at the gym in them.

Under Armour shirts offer a great fitting. While they are fitted shirts, they never feel too tight, ensuring that you will never feel like you are “trapped” in them. A lot of their shirts come with a mesh panel, making them soft and breathable, while at the same time offering supreme insulation from the heat. So, no matter what activity you are doing, our custom Under Armour shirts will adjust to the level of temperature and offer you supreme comfort. Some of the designs also offer back cutout, that allows for even more air flow. You can choose to get t-shirts with reflective details, so that you can run in the dark either early in the morning or late at night. Moreover, these shirts fit true to size, so you do not have to agonize over what sizes to get for your team members. We’ll personalize them with the branding of your choice.

Under Armour Hats

They have mastered the technology when it comes to performance shirts, so it was just natural for them to also offer the same level of comfort in workout hats. And yes, they have delivered! Under Armour’s caps and workout hats are designed with a stretch fit construction, that forms to the precise shape of your head for a comfortable, snug fit. Many other brands fail to deliver this level of comfort, meaning you can only wear their hats for a few hours and then you’ll start to feel them pressing against your head. That does not happen with our custom Under Armour hats. These hats come with light visors and extra-flexible materials, so you can wear them without ever feeling discomfort on your head. And that is so essential when you are doing a high-intensity sport.

The Under Armour Blitzing 3.0 Caps are one of the hot favorites, as they offer a classic fit with a pre-curved visor and structured front panels, which allow for the shape to be maintained in a low profile fit. To ensure added comfort, the front panels are backed with foam padding. Many Under Armour hats come with a built-in, stretchy wetband that wicks away any sweat, keeping you cool and dry. And if you are looking for some extra bit of ventilation, then you can opt for one of their trucker caps, that come with mesh side and back panels and look equally as cool as the others. The best part? All of these hats can be customized with your own brand logo and/or other messaging.

Under Armour Hoodies

Hoodies are one of the hottest selling items here at DTLA Print. It’s the versatility that they offer that they make them a perfect item to have printed and shared with your team and networks. Hoodies are worn by many people in offices, especially if they are tech startups (almost creating a cult following for them). They can be worn at home as well as when out and about. Hoodies are also great option for giveaways at a networking event or a fundraiser. And with Under Armour hoodies, you can be assured that there will be an element of performance as well.

When the temperature starts to drop, these hoodies will be the first thing you will grab. Soft and comfortable on the inside, durable and smooth on the outside – these Under Armour hoodies are available in full zip, half zip, fleece and pullovers; with each design offering a different look and amount of warmth.

Moreover, when you buy Under Armour hoodies, you know that you are buying something built to last. Just like their supremely engineered t-shirts, the hoodies are made of durable yet lightweight materials. The sweat-wicking fabric used helps you survive the toughest of workouts – all thanks to the 4-way stretch fabrics that move with you, without ever getting uncomfortably stretched out.

The custom Under Armour hoodies available on our website are so comfortable to wear that not only will you want to workout in them or wear them when the temperature drops – you will literally want to live in them! Available in different designs ans colors, our custom hoodies are a must-have.

Under Armour Polos

Not just any polos – we are talking about “Performance Polos” here. Under Armour never does anything that is just a standard – they like to exceed expectations and deliver something that is great to look at, comfortable to wear and is backed by the science of high performance. All of their polos are true to size, meaning it is not a minefield when it comes to deciding the correct sizes. So, if someone you are gifting these shirts to usually wears a large size, you can be rest assured that these polos will fit them perfectly.

These polos come with the perfect length of the hem and never look too long or sloppy, meaning you can also tuck them for a smart business casual look. Moreover, they come with the perfect sleeve length that ends just above the elbows. You can pair these polos with khakis, cargos, shorts and even denims. Custom Under Armour polos can be worn directly or over an undershirt and they will never make you feel like you are wearing two shirts. The light and airy materials used allow for unrestricted movement that does not bunch up or get wrinkled (contrary to the lower quality cotton polos).

Available in different colors, these polos are great for you to add to your uniform, with a variety of customization options.

Under Armour Jackets

Be at your best, no matter what the weather. Under Armour jackets are built to protect. So, if you get a windbreaker, you know that it will protect you against wind. If you buy a rain jacket, it will keep you dry. And if you opt for the performance coats and jackets, they will guarantee you great workout sessions, no matter the weather. Whatever you need, these Under Armour jackets have got you covered.

What makes these jackets so special? Just like with all of their other apparel, these jackets are lightweight and breathable – fit for any season. You pick the sport and there will be a jacket perfect for it. Under Armour has mastered the sweet spot of keeping you warm but not overly hot when training, while protecting you from all the outside elements. The ultimate goal of these jackets is to keep you moving and stretching freely.

DTLA Print offers all types of custom Under Armour jackets – from between-season hooded lightweight jackets to super-warm insulated athletic winter coats, there is something that you will love to wear all year long. If you are looking for something that makes rain roll right off, then go for the Under Armour Storm tech jackets. These are not completely rain-proof, they are alos the perfect thing to wear when training.

Under Armour Uniforms

Planning to go on a team-building weekend? Or do you own a gym and are looking for a new uniform for your personal trainers? Look no further! Here at DTLA Print, we can customize Under Armour uniforms for you that will make your team look smart, sharp and proudly representing your business. You can design custom Under Armour uniforms that will suit your team’s personality, needs and style. Get in touch with us to discuss your needs and we will be more than happy to offer a solution that works perfectly for you.

You can choose these uniforms based on a specific sport or activity, jersey type, materials and much more. With your custom logo on the jerseys, your team can proudly wear them at things like charity games.

We make sure that all the uniforms we offer customization on are well tested, including destructive testing, non-destrcutive testing, safety testing, usability testing as well as performance testing. With destructuve testing, we damage an item to assess its quality. Such tests allow us to see if there are any hidden flaws in the product. Non-destructive tests are done to assess the products safety and performance.

Rest assured, all custom Under Armour uniforms on our website are of the highest quality that this brand is well-known for. Do you have any specific brand colors? We can help you get uniforms that are in-line with your branding. You can also match these uniforms with the Under Armour hats for a complete look. The best thing is that we cover it all under one roof.

Under Armour Backpacks

Our custom Under Armour backpacks are lightweight and durable – built to do it all in a comfortable, versatile package. So you can carry laptops or books, water bottles or towels, mud-covered shoes or cleats. With ultra-durable yet lightweight materials, these sport backpacks are resistant to tearing and repel water. They are easy to clean and last season after season.

There are different sizes available, meaning no matter what sport you are in, we have got a backpack that perfect for you. Here, you can find small bags that are ideal for a bottle of water and power bars. We also have gym backpacks that will hold your towel, gloves, training shoes and other gym gear. And if you are looking for something bigger then we have duffle backpacks with much more space, ideal for travel days.

The last thing you want during a workout or practice is to waste time looking for your things. That is why our selection of Under Armour athletic backpacks come with a lot of pouches, pockets and sleeves, you you know exactly where you put your stuff and are able to quickly access everything you need, when you need it.

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