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Fully Customized Trucker Hats + Your Logo

trusted by thousands of companies across the u.s.

navy mesh trucker hat with a Coors patch

Foolproof ROI: Custom Trucker Hats

Loud and proud is the name of the game with our custom high quality trucker hats. These hats are perfect for businesses that want to stand out from the crowd. Customized trucker hats are durable and provide great sun protection, making them perfect for outdoor events. When you produce a custom logo trucker hats, you’re creating a walking billboard for your brand. Let your message travel from Los Angeles to beyond with our custom embroidered trucker hats. This is only amplified when you take into account the daily wear favorite hats receive. Don’t settle for a bland hat that blends in with the crowd – get your custom trucker hats today and make a statement!

Custom Trucker Hats with Patches

DTLA Print offers Wholesale Custom Printing and Wholesale Custom Embroidery. We are proud to be a one stop shop from start to finish, right here in downtown Los Angeles. From classic trucker hats to fully customized trucker caps, we can help you bring your designs to life. Browse through our products, place an order, and we will help you along the way until the end result is something we all can be proud of. The quality of our products, our unique printing capabilities, and our dedication to providing premium wholesale printed and embroidered headwear are what we base our brand on – the idea that Not All Prints are Created Equal.

Teamwork makes the dreamwork, DTLA Print is devoted to bringing your dream to life. Like we continue to do for our friends at Casamigos. One of our favorite recent projects was producing these awesome Custom Patch Hats for them using Richardson 112 Trucker Hats.

richardson trucker hat
custom printed trucker hat

Custom Foam Trucker Hats

Trucker hats are a classically popular item to customize, and the mesh back provides breathing room that is most practical for warm LA weather. They are an iconic (or ironic) item that keeps coming back every generation. The trucker hat was actually made for customization – by the early ’70s they were given away at truck stops by companies to advertise their products. You can apply your own custom embroidery, or we can sew on custom woven labels or patches as well.

The Advantages & Disadvantages of Custom Embroidered Trucker Hats

Custom trucker hats offer several advantages for businesses looking to promote their brand or create a sense of unity among their team members. Firstly, they provide an affordable yet effective way to increase brand recognition, as your logo or design will be visible on the hat wherever it is worn. Secondly, they offer a versatile marketing tool that can be given away at events, used as employee incentives or even sold as merchandise to generate additional revenue.


  1. Versatile: Unlike some styles of wholesale customizable headwear, trucker hats are customizable in size making them a good option for when a range of sizes are needed
  2. Practical: Hats are great for keeping the sun off your face but in addition to the standard comfort found in any hat with a bill the foam found in trucker hats add an extra level of comfort 
  3. Trendy: It is undeniable that trucker hats have had a resurgence in the last few years whether its due to the spike in y2k styled clothing or because of the comfort its clear that trucker hats are not going anywhere anytime soon


  1. Causal: The cultural popularity of trucker hats has left them being seen as a very casual style, which isn’t necessarily bad just something to take into account before ordering
  2. Expensive: Not always but, trucker hats tend to be slightly more expensive style of hat 
  3. Time: Customization does take time, but is so worth it! A customized trucker hat is sure give you an impressive ROI

Custom Trucker Hat Gallery

Ways to Decorate Custom Trucker Caps

Snapback custom trucker hats with embroidery & printing might be one size all but that doesn’t mean their customization options are. Below are our most popular decoration styles. Looking for more insight? Connect with an account rep for a full introduction to our offered services. 

Custom patch trucker hat

What Service is Best for Custom Trucker Hats?

Customized trucker hats are a winner no matter the style of service you decide to get but without a doubt custom embroidered trucker hats are the most popular. However, that could mean many things. Theres standard embroidery & 3D puff embroidery, from there you get into patches which come in numerous different styles. Ultimately, the decision is up to your team should any questions arise, our account reps would be happy to assist

embroidered trucker hat

Recommended Trucker Hat Brands

There are a lot of factors that go into making a favorite hat favorite. Undeniably, at the top of that list is quality construction and materials. Here are some of our recommended brands for their commitment to producing products that never cease to amaze us. To learn more, reach out, we would love to chat!

Most Popular Products

Below are a few of our most popular & trending products. If you need help sourcing a specific brand or another product please reach out to us for assistance and our account reps will be happy to assist you.

Custom Trucker Hat Embroidery & Printing

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Custom Trucker Hats

Frequently Asked Questions

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In the late 60s & early 70s agricultural companies would print advertisements on hats. They would then give them out to truckers & farm hands to promote their products. John Deere is credited as the first company to do this. So if you think about it, trucker hats were the original swag

Trucker caps have the bold early 2000s and the ironic mid 2000s to thank for their current popularity. Outside of that, they are great hats. Sturdy enough to keep their shape and the mesh often featured offers the wearer an opportunity to feel a breeze. What exactly makes them popular is up for delate but they are an ideal option if you’re looking to produce custom merch.

A favorite hat that faces daily wear can get stained easily. The best cleaning method depends on the service. Spot treatment is always the best place to start with a product like oxyclean. If the stain still persists, you can was the hat on cold as long as it is not embroidered. Lastly, air dry your hat. 

A trucker hat is different because of the history the style holds. It is also the only style of hat where foam is found in the front. This style is very unique and not for everyone but cherished by those who are a fan. 

A trucker hat is defined by a few unique characteristics; a mesh back, a foam front and a snapback closure. Not all of these features need to be present to be considered a trucker hat but typically at least two do. 

Very good question, trucker hats have had a strange cultural hold for over 50 years. What makes them so popular? It is had to speculate why are trend sticks around but in our opinion it is the comfortability. The mesh often found in back offers the wearer a chance to feel a little breeze on the back of their head. 

Trucker hats were initially given away as free promotional merch to rural farm workers. Vintage goods are typically hard to come by but because of this market flood in the early 70s vintage trucker hats are more readily available. Popular culture has a long standing relationship with appropriating working class aesthetics. It is difficult to pin down exactly what makes trucker hats such a notoriously popular style, is it the comfort? Is it the availability? Or is it simply they look really good on people? Ultimately, it is a matter of personal style and maybe thats where the popularity lies, in the flexibility of this infamous style of hat.

Of course, Richardson is one of our most popular styles of hats to customize. 

Yes, custom snapbacks are a really popular style of hat to customize with multiple services including embroidery.