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Why Print on Luxury Blanks?

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In the world of wholesale apparel, not all garments are created equal. Deciding what blank garments to use for your clothing line will set the foundation for your brand’s quality. While cheap, wholesale garments are readily available, high-quality blanks aren’t as easily accessible. Knowing the distinction between the two, and sourcing high-quality blank t-shirts and hoodies, will be how your brand’s quality is determined. High-quality apparel items and an experienced screen printing partner will set the standard for your customer’s experiences with your label.

We are excited to have found Original Favorites – a wholesale blank garment supplier designed for those unwilling to compromise quality and sustainability. Original Favorites offers luxury, wholesale, blank garments while also achieving some of the most thorough sustainability certifications in the industry. Their fleece sweats have a 100% GOTS® certified organic fabric facing, making them one of the only certified organic wholesale sweats available. They have even designed a half-moon facing at the center back neck for their clients to be able to have a neck print with a smooth finish. Our extra-long staple Supima® cotton tees make some of the finest t-shirts for screen printing because of their superior fiber classifications. ELS (extra-long staple fiber) doesn’t break or pill as quickly as short-staple cotton. The silky-smooth cotton surface allows maximum ink adhesion and promotes high dye retention and saturation. Having their products made from the best raw materials and an ethical supply chain has created the most ethical and luxurious blank available. In addition, they offer recognizable certifications, such as GOTS®, WRAP, and Oeko-Tex to ensure their customer’s trust.

Many will brand themselves as ‘organic’ or ‘sustainable’ without providing evidence or verification. Globally recognized third-party certifications dedicate themselves to analyzing a company’s entire supply chain. If a wholesale apparel company is not working toward third-party certifications, then they are probably not as sustainable as they want you to believe. As customers demand better practices from the clothing industry, you must be able to fully trust the quality and ethics of the garment you use to represent your brand. Customers expect to see a certain level of quality and eco-friendliness when shopping for new clothing. 

Choosing high-quality blanks for screen printing is the first step if you want the best final screen-printed product. Screen printing can be tricky; the goal is to achieve a long-lasting print while making it appear seamless with the garment. If you’re using a cheap blank garment, there is little you can do to produce a quality print because the canvas won’t support a quality design.  If you are looking for ethical luxury blanks to start your print on, we have seen great work from our friends at

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