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Company Hoodies

Company Hoodies serve multiple purposes, making them an excellent choice for various occasions. Whether it’s employee gifting, company giveaways, or simply having high-quality swag on hand, these hoodies are a versatile option. They are an effective tool for promoting your company due to their adaptability. Their portability and suitability for at least three seasons in a year allow for extensive mobile marketing. When thoughtfully designed with top-notch materials, business logo hoodies can become a fundamental wardrobe piece.

To sum up, Company Hoodies offer more than just employee gifting and giveaways; they are a valuable asset for your branding efforts.  Crafted with premium materials and careful design, these logo-bearing hoodies can transform into essential wardrobe items, ensuring your brand remains prominent. Through the comfort and style of custom company hoodies, enhance your brand identity and create a memorable impact.

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5 Tips on Ordering Company Hoodies

When it comes to creating a lasting impression for your business, custom company hoodies are a powerful tool. Transforming a simple sweatshirt into a stylish and effective marketing asset requires careful consideration and attention to detail. Here are some expert tips to help you master the art of producing business logo hoodies that elevate your brand presence:

1. Define Your Purpose: Clearly outline the purpose of your hoodies, whether it’s for employee incentives, giveaways, or promotional events. This foundational step shapes the design, style, and quantity you’ll need.

2. Choose Quality Blanks: Opt for durable, comfortable fabrics that ensure a comfortable fit and longevity. Quality materials reflect positively on your brand and encourage recipients to wear the hoodies regularly.

3. Strategic Logo Placement: Determine the most visible and impactful location for your logo. Whether it’s front and center or a subtle detail, strategic placement enhances brand recognition.

4. Design with Simplicity: Keep your design clean and simple. A clutter-free logo and minimalistic elements contribute to a professional and timeless look that resonates with a wider audience.

5. Harmonize with Brand Colors: Incorporate your brand’s color palette to reinforce consistency and reinforce your visual identity. A cohesive color scheme enhances recognition and memorability.

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Business Logo Sweatshirt Suggested Services

Tailoring your company hoodies to reflect your distinctive brand identity is a creative journey. Whether you seek an air of professionalism or a relaxed aura, DTLA Print offers a wealth of services. Handpick your preferred color scheme, meticulously position your logo, and infuse your design, crafting sweatshirts that seamlessly embody your brand’s essence. The outcome? A harmonious and captivating portrayal that leaves an indelible mark on customers, team members, and collaborators, ensuring an impactful presence wherever your custom company hoodies are worn. 

  • Patches: From woven to embroidered we offer a wide range of premium patches that will take your brand to the next level.
  • 3D Puff Embroidery: Embroidered company hoodies offer a clean esthetic but you can take that to the next level with this distinctive custom service.
  • Plastisol Print: The most popular method of screen printing, known for durability. If you’re looking for a print option that is more eco friendly, Water based ink might be for you.
  • Flocking: This service offers your business logo sweatshirt a vintage feel, in addition to a unique tactile experience. 
  • Water-Based Transfers: If your design includes a wide range of colors, this service might be for you. Alternatively, DTG also offers the chance to include a wide range of colors and tones.

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Custom Company Hoodies

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, we offer a many recycled and organic cotton options for custom hoodies which is one great way improve your company’s footprint.

Yes, using multiple services is a great way to make a company hoodie that will be cherished by employees and clients. 

Yes, we try to make the ordering experience as seamless as possible. To ensure this, we save screens of previous orders taking one step out of the process.

Yes, custom woven labels with your brand’s logo can be sewn onto the jackets and hoodies for an added touch of personalization and branding. This service may require a minimum order quantity, so please consult our team for details.

Rush orders may be accommodated based on product availability and production capacity. Please contact our team with your urgent request, and we will do our best to meet your timeline.

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A 100 piece minimum is needed for an account rep to handle your order.

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Screen Printing: 25 pieces minimum
Embroidery: 3 pieces minimum
Water-based Transfers: 1 piece minimum
Direct-to-Garment: 1 piece minimum
Patches: 25 pieces minimum

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