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How We Helped Harmony One Become the #1 Focus at a Trade Show of Over 15,000+ attendees

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Table of Contents

Harmony One Team
The core Harmony One Team in their matching merch

Project Overview

At DTLA Print, trade show season is our favorite time of year. We love the chance to strategize with our clients and assist them in coming up with a marketing plan that will help them stand out above their competition.

We were simply elated when Harmony One came to us expressing a need for a full package of merchandise for an upcoming trade show. Together we devised a plan to help their team become impossible to ignore by customizing hoodies, t-shirts, sweatpants, socks and hats. Little did we know that they would become the talk of the town.

Our specialists and the Harmony One crew agreed that custom Pantone dyed garments would be the best way for them to be the center of attention. By using PFD (prepared for dyed garments) we were able to achieve a uniform look that turned the ETH Denver trade show into a sea of Harmony blue. Our custom hoodies & sweaters helped Harmony stand out among the 200+ vendors and helped Harmony One steal the show. A few of the obstacles we had to overcome…

The Challenges They Faced

Typically a custom dye project like this would take about 4-6 weeks to produce. In this scenario we had under 4 weeks to test formulas, sample, and decorate over 4,500 pieces with different designs. It definitely came down to the wire and we were ready to rent a truck and drive everything to Denver, CO if we needed to.

For the upcoming ETH Denver Trade Show, Harmony One wanted to:

  • Stand out in the crowd with over 200+ vendors.
  • Find a specific color garment that matched their brand exactly ( none was available across their entire product selection hence why we custom dyed everything.
  • Gain exposure through something that promotes brand logo prominently.
  • Be appealing to all the audience attending the trade show.
  • Opt for something that demonstrates their brand consistency, coordination, teamwork, and unity.
  • Boost confidence and team morale with something cost-effective yet materialistic.
  • Look alluring and pleasant during the trade show event.
  • Create merch that once given out would be worn time and time again.

Harmony One wanted to make a bold impression and get the best outcomes from the trade show. Therefore, they had to:

  • Feel noticed and become the center of attention.
  • Portray team coordination and unity with the audience and vendors.
  • Highlight their company logo for branding.
  • Leverage company merchandise to introduce their brand or products to partners and prospective clients at the trade show.

“Our client’s brand value is of the core essence to us, and that’s why we helped Harmony One stand out in the trade show with custom hoodies and sweaters. Printed brand logos on the front and back of everyone’s custom outfit gave them a distinct look they wanted.”

The Harmony One Method

Day 1: Harmony One Reached Us Out

Harmony One reached out seeking assistance for something that would boost their brand image in a trade show. They told us that the ETH Denver Trade Show would take place within a few weeks, and they wanted our assistance to stand out in this event.

The fact that over 200 vendors were planning to attend this trade show made our client – Harmony One – a bit nervous. Yes, we used the term ‘client’ because as soon as they explained the problem, we assured them that DTLA Print would do anything to help them. Likewise, whatever you need, our dedicated team is ready to plan, prepare, and perfect any idea.

Day 2: They Wanted to Stand Out at a Tradeshow & Create a Strong Brand Image

Harmony One wanted us to help them appear distinct and appealing at the trade show. They wished to create a bold and strong brand image at the event by looking unique and becoming the center of attention.

It only makes sense that Harmony One aimed to catch the eye of every single audience attending the event. Why? To promote their brand and spread ‘Harmony’ everywhere, of course. Competing with 200 other vendors is no easy task, so we took the responsibility of these requests head-on.

To their amazement, we came up with the concept that made them the show’s focal point. There’s no doubt that they were ecstatic at the idea, and we were thrilled to provide an effective solution to meet their needs.

Day 3: We Started to work on the creating a Formula to match their Brands Pantone Color

Harmony One Custom Garment Dyed Hoodie for Tradeshow Apparel
Testing different formulas to match their Pantone brand guidelines.

To stand out with a custom garment dyed hoodie, a custom garment dyed T-shirt, or custom garment dyed sweatpants is perfect because you will blend together as a uniformed group. We gave Harmony One the suggestion to focus on custom pantone 4567C and use the same color to create merch for trade show apparel. This way everyone on the team will wear the same outfit with the same merchandise logo and color of Harmony One.

From fully dyed and matching sweatpants to custom hoodies, sweaters and beanies, we proposed to customize any outfit of the same color with their merch to help them stand out in the crowd. Our idea brought smiles to the table as we saw our client feeling satisfied upon hearing this idea.

However, there was still a problem bothering them. We had just two weeks until the trade show. Thus, we rushed to create a timeline for custom hoodies and sweaters. However, DTLA Print took it as a welcoming challenge and guaranteed delivery before the trade show.

Day 4: We Custom Dyed Outfits for Them within 2 Weeks

Inspection process once back from dye

Within two weeks, and after working nights and weekends, we called in a few favors from our  team  and partners. It came down to the wire but we created custom garment dyed hoodie, custom garment dyed t-shirt, and custom garment dyed sweatpants, along with tote bags and beanies. We incorporated their brand logo print in every custom dyed outfit — both on the front and back.

To create customized and merchandising tradeshow apparel for a group of so many professionals in under two weeks is no easy task. We had to double our work force and resources to make this delivery on time. Moreover, we at DTLA Print always prefer quality over quantity, so it was essential to create notable pieces.

We did not rush the process to maintain consistency in our quality work. However, the short deadline made us implement some changes, as necessary. Instead of pushing the existing team to work faster and longer, we hired additional people to accelerate the process.

This way, we never had to compromise on quality while we delivered the order on time.

Day 5: We Merchandised Custom Garment Dyed Hoodies, Custom Garment Dyed T-Shirts, Custom Garment Dyed Sweatpants & Beanies with Their Brand Logo

During the production process, our main focus was to create something unique yet promotional. That’s when we turned our idea of making all their merchandise using the same color and the same brand logo into a win-win.

But what color would help them resonate with their brand the most? After asking ourselves the same question, we decided to go for a lovely blue – the same color as their brand logo.

We incorporated their brand logo into the outfits to help them demonstrate teamwork, unity, and collaboration at the event. Another apparent motive behind producing the same color merch with the brand logo is to boost their brand image.

Day 6: We Were Ready to Rent A Van & Deliver The Items If Needed

Once we finished producing the custom dyed garments, our friendly team was ready to rent out a van and deliver it to them if needed. As only a few days were left for the trade show to commence, we wanted to deliver the items at least a couple of days beforehand to give them the time to check and see if they loved it or not. We did not want Harmony One to feel rushed, but rather relaxed for the trade show and pleased with the trade show apparel.

Day 7: Everything Fell into Place In Time, Except For The Beanie since there was not enough time for those we had to source those.

It was starting to come together and their booth was crowded with passersby looking for free merch.

All in all, the tradeshow apparel looked great and was on time, except for the beanie. We explained to Harmony One how the beanies are acrylic. So, creating them with proper customization on such short notice was impossible.

What amazed us? The wonderful Harmony One team were so pleased with our on-time delivery, dedication, and quality of work that the beanie was a very minor issue to them at that point. All their members were happy with the blue custom garment hoodies and sweatpants.

Everyone on the team had an ideal size so that no one was forced to wear something too big, loose, or tight. They loved the radiant, glossy, and visually-appealing logo print on the front and back. Just like their name, the custom merchandise gave them a harmonious look that made them stand out at the trade show.


DTLA Print met and exceeded expectations according to the requests and needs of Harmony One, which led to them having a successful tradeshow. Why was it so great? Because our dependable team created custom garment dyed hoodies, custom garment dyed t-shirts, custom garment dyed sweatpants, and more. Harmony One was able to have:

  • Memorable merch that will be treasured for years to come
  • A successful trade show that will be remembered by thousands of people
  • Trust in DTLA Print’s ability to exceed expectations
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Alex Hales

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