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Different Types of Chain Stitch Embroidery

chain stitch

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At DTLA Print, we understand that taking the undertaking of embroidery projects can be a daunting process. Embroidery requires precision of materials and artistry of execution, and for those attempting their first project, there can be a lot of trial and error. The DTLA Print team wants to help guide professionals and novices alike through the process. We’ve taken the time to research the different types of chain stitch embroidery and identify what machines are used to make each type.

What are the Different Types of Chain Stitch Embroidery?

Before delving into the types of chain stitch embroidery, let’s talk briefly about what chain stitch embroidery is. Chain stitch embroidery is a needlepoint style of needlework that uses a simple stitch to create tightly woven fabric. The stitch attaches to each other to form a continuous loop. Chain stitch can be used to create several different designs, including flowers, animals, and abstract patterns.

  • Single Chain Stitch Embroidery: For single chain stitch embroidery, the artisans focus on the use of repeating motifs such as chains, circles, or stars. The density of the chain stitch is kept low, which allows the light and airy feeling of the work.
  • Double Chain Stitch Embroidery: Double chain stitch has much more complex designs and denser stitching techniques. Unlike the single chain stitch, the doubled stitch is used to create flat designs. These details are used to make certain patterns, embroidered characters, and accents.
  • Quilting Chain Stitch Embroidery: Quilting chain stitch embroidery is detailed work in which intricate patterns are sewn directly onto the fabric. This method of embroidery is used to create delicate details in a minimalistic way.
  • Oriental Chain Stitch Embroidery: Oriental chain stitch embroidery is created in the same tradition as regular chain stitch embroidery but incorporates a wider variety of thread and the technique is used to create different shapes and forms of textiles.
  • Polonaise Chain Stitch Embroidery: Polonaise chain stitch embroidery is a type of chain stitch that is used to create a decorative pattern. This type of embroidery is used on a wide variety of fabrics, from bed sheets to dresses.

Why Use Chain Stitch Embroidery?

Having the right chain stitch embroidery for the job can mean the difference between success and failure in any embroidery project. Chain stitch embroidery is both a traditional and modern art form, combining colors, thread, and stitching to create a masterpiece. Chain stitch embroidery is ideal for applications with thicker materials, more intricate textures, and more intricate designs.

Chain stitch embroidery is a great choice for a multitude of projects. It’s durable, long-lasting, versatile, and can be used to stitch together a variety of materials. Not to mention it adds value to products and gives a unique look to apparel.

What Machines Are Used to Do Different Types of Chain Stitch Embroidery?

Each type of chain stitch embroidery requires a different machine. The machines used for single chain stitch embroidery should also be used for double chain stitch embroidery. The machines used for quilting chain stitch embroidery are generally industrial-grade machines due to the intricate nature of the work. Oriental chain stitch embroidery requires a machine that has the capability to stitch multiple threads simultaneously, as the technique involves using more than one type of thread in a single process. The machine used for polonaise chain stitch embroidery has to have the capability to handle thicker materials.

At DTLA Print, we have the latest in embroidery technology and innovative machines to help professionals and novices alike complete their projects. Our team of experienced staff has decades of experience with chain stitch embroidery and can advise on the equipment, threads, and supplies necessary for each type. We are here to help you take your projects from concept to finished artwork in no time.


Chain stitch embroidery is a versatile needlepoint stitching technique used in a variety of projects. There are different types of chain stitch embroidery, each with their own unique look and techniques. Having the right machine for the job is essential for a successful project. At DTLA Print, we have the experience and technology to help you create planet-class embroidered projects. No matter the size or scope, we have the experience and technology to help you complete your project with excellence.

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