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Make Merch People Actually Want to Wear

Wholesale Custom Specialty Heat Transfers Made In Los Angeles

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Puff Screen Printed Transfers

Water Based Transfers are what most people think of when they think of heat transfers. However, if you’re  looking to make your brand truly memorable, look no further then puff heat transfers. These specialty transfers bring an engaging 3D embossed texture that rises above the rest of the fabric. -Making your design literally stand out with a bright, opaque appearance and a unique, embossed texture. Especially ideal for hats and accessories, puff screen printed transfers let your logo or artwork not only catch the eye but also captivate the touch. Elevate your brand’s identity with custom puff print transfers, and let your merchandise become a testament to your attention to detail and style.

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Plastisol Heat Transfers

These versatile custom plastisol heat transfers offer a seamless way to showcase vibrant and intricate designs on your merchandise. Using high-quality plastisol inks, we bring your creations to life with sharp details, vivid colors, and exceptional durability. Whether you’re adorning garments, bags, or accessories, our plastisol heat transfers ensure your designs stay vibrant wash after wash. Elevate your merchandise with the vivid impact of custom plastisol heat transfers and bring your brand’s vision to life like never before.

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Rhinestone Heat Transfers

Rhinestone heat transfers are more than just decorative designs; they are a fusion of artistry and precision. Each transfer is meticulously crafted by arranging rhinestones of various sizes, shapes, and hues to realize a specific vision. These radiant gems are then carefully positioned on a heat-resistant carrier, ensuring that the design remains intact during the application process.

The transformative effect of rhinestone heat transfers transcends mere aesthetics; it embodies wearable art. Whether adorning casual attire or enhancing formal ensembles, the addition of rhinestones elevates the visual appeal of each piece, instantly turning heads and igniting conversations. In a world where individuality and distinction are highly valued, these transfers bridge the gap between sophistication and personal expression.

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Silicone Heat Transfers

Introducing our range of silicone heat transfers, where creativity meets tactile innovation. These versatile transfers encompass 3D silicone, silicone logos, and tri-vision silicone patch transfers. Each type brings its own unique tactile dimension, elevating your designs and brand identity. Whether you’re adorning garments, accessories, or promotional items, our silicone heat transfers offer a dynamic way to leave a lasting impression of innovation and style.

  1. 3D Silicone Transfers: Step into a world of tactile creativity with our 3D silicone transfers. These transfers bring your designs to life with captivating tactile depth, adding a unique texture that elevates your brand’s identity.

  2. Silicone Logo Transfers: Enhance your brand’s identity with our silicone logo transfers. These transfers not only carry your logo but also bring a distinctive texture and depth, making your brand stand out in a tactile way.

  3. Tri-Vision Silicone Patch Transfers: Experience innovation with tri-vision silicone patch transfers. These transfers introduce a dynamic tactile element, providing a remarkable three-dimensional effect that adds a new dimension to your designs.

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Vinyl Heat Transfers

What sets vinyl heat transfers apart is their ability to provide a contemporary and refined appearance. The smooth texture of vinyl against fabric creates a distinct visual contrast, making the design stand out with clarity and precision. This clean finish is particularly effective when conveying sleek branding or minimalist artwork.

Beyond aesthetics, vinyl heat transfers offer practical benefits. The durability of the vinyl material ensures that the design withstands multiple washes and retains its vibrancy over time. This makes vinyl transfers an excellent choice for sportswear, activewear, and other garments that require regular laundering.

Digital Heat Transfers

At its core, digital heat transfers involve printing designs onto a transfer paper using advanced digital printing technology. This paper is then heat-pressed onto the fabric, creating a vivid and detailed image. The process captures every nuance of the design, from gradients and fine lines to vibrant colors, resulting in a high-resolution print that mirrors the digital artwork.

One of the strengths of digital heat transfers lies in their ability to faithfully reproduce intricate designs with precision. The high-resolution printing captures every detail, ensuring that the final product mirrors the digital artwork accurately. This makes digital heat transfers an ideal choice for designs that demand precision and true-to-life representation.

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& Many More Transfers

Stud Heat Transfers

Elevate your creations with stud heat transfers, infusing your designs with a captivating texture and a touch of bold sophistication.

Foil Heat Transfers

Add a touch of shimmering elegance to your designs with foil heat transfers. Whether it’s apparel or accesories, these transfers will make your creations unforgettable.

Reflective Heat Transfers

Whether it’s for activewear, accessories, or safety gear, reflective heat transfers ensure visibility in low-light conditions while maintaining a sleek and fashionable appearance.

Embroidered Heat Transfers

Infuse your creations with textured elegance using embroidered heat transfers. Whether on garments, bags, or accessories, these transfers add a touch of sophistication and depth to your designs, creating a lasting impression that speaks volumes about your brand’s attention to detail.

Sequins Heat Transfers

Elevate your designs with the mesmerizing allure of sequin heat transfers.

Leather Heat Transfers

Combine sophistication and edge with leather heat transfers to timelessly elevate your creations. 

Specialty Transfers

Frequently Asked Questions

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To enhance the lifespan of your custom merch, we aways recommend it to be washed inside out washed inside out. 

Yes, specialty transfers are a fantastic option for creating exclusive and limited-edition items that stand out and attract collectors.

Specialty transfers bring a unique and premium touch to branded merchandise, elevating its perceived value and making it more desirable.

Yes, specialty transfers can be adapted to different types of apparel, ensuring a versatile and impactful customization option.

Specialty transfers are designed to resist fading and cracking, ensuring your designs look vibrant and intact over time.

Both options have their merits, depending on the project’s requirements. When creating custom hats, plastisol heat transfers emerge as the ideal choice. For larger coverage, however, plastisol screen printing proves to be the more suitable service.

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